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Factors To Consider When Choosing Underpad

For special people undergoing incontinence issues to handle, the choice of the best underpad to handle this health problems may often turn out overwhelming.

Well, as the process of making this choice may seem really complicated and confusing, the bottom line remains that these products are actually life-saving. This, you can agree because underpads can help you keep your car seat, furniture or even bed dry and free-from stains.

So, in case you are considering going for this, you must first of all understand what to consider in each product before going ahead to make your choice.

In this article, we shall be walking you through the simple steps or major factors to consider when choosing an underpad for your use.


How to chose the perfect underpad to buy

Yes, disposable or even reusable underpads are very good in keeping you dry and staving off embarrassment. However, there are still other important factors to consider before making financial commitment to purchasing any one.

1. Top Sheet

For people with a very sensitive skin, underpads with a very soft, in fact the softest top sheet is most recommended.

However, if you are in dire need of an underpad for emergency purposes, you may use anyone that comes your way but that should be for just a very short time frame.


2. Absorbency level

One unique feature about different underpad products is that they have different level of absorbency. These cut across absorbent levels such as heavy, medium and low. For this reason, it is most expedient to choose an underpad that best suits your incontinence level.


3. Back sheet strength

Among the various factors to consider when purchasing an underpad is the strength of the back sheet. This is very important, especially in cases where the underpad is meant for moving people from one place to another.

So, in this regards, it is most recommended to use an underpad with a strong back sheet in order to ensure that it can withstand the pressure of using it to carry your loved ones from one point to another.


4. Size

In most cases, different underpads come with specific weight limit they can carry. For this reason, it becomes very important that you chose one that will be big and strong enough to do the job you want it to do.

More so, when it comes to the size of an underpad, you may also have to consider the where it will be used for. For instance, a small size of underpad can be suitable for chairs but will be too small for use as bedding material.


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