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February, 2020: Wellmien Health Supplies Donated Masks To Taixing People’s Hospital

The pandemic caught the world by surprise, and many are still distraught by it. The situation affected many industries, businesses, individuals and the whole world at large.  


Thankfully, we at Wellmien Health Supplies have managed to stay afloat in its operations both business-wise and in lending a helping hand to the people around us as part of our humanitarian services.


As a company that specializes in manufacturing, designing, and distributing personal protection equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies, we also offer globally medical care facilities for food processing facilities such as face masks, aprons, overalls, gowns, shoe covers, sleeve covers, underpads, disposable products, and several others.


Our supply reach is worldwide, and our service is dynamic as we provide services to hospitals, care centres, wholesalers, government agencies or institutes, food industries and households.


All our products are of remarkable quality and high standards. We make sure to leave no stones unturned when it applies to quality. We do not only say this of ourselves, but our customers also have the same testimonials for the quality of our products.  


We have a worldwide reach as earlier mentioned and this is due to the quality of our products. We are always confident about our brand and products as this is what has enabled us to cross borders and shores of countries through our products.


Our products meet up to standards in several countries and this has helped our popularity and reputation to remain in a good light.


On February 17, 2020, Wellmien donated tens of thousands of medical masks to Taixing People's Hospital via local Red Cross despite of already-occupied production capacity. Those masks were badly needed by local hospitals in the epidemic. 


The face masks donated are of good quality and are comfortable and easy to wear. They were produced in very safe conditions and are equally safe for use.

 donated tens of thousands of medical masks to Taixing People's Hospital

Words of Appreciation from Taixing People’s Hospital

Our gesture was received with lots of appreciation from Taixing People’s Hospital through a letter. In the letter, the management of the hospital appreciated our continued support and contributions, and also mentioning the fact that our donation was timely and will be put to good use.


In addition, we received a certificate of the donation from the Taixing Red Cross Society, and this certificate stands as one of the many feathers added to our cap, and it was a huge encouragement for us to forge ahead in our humanitarian services.

thanks letter  certificate

Our Kind Words To Sisters Companies and Organizations

We encourage other companies and organisations to borrow a leaf from our gesture and make timely contributions in ways that they can. They can look beyond the profit to offer service to humanity. This gesture cost us some sacrifice, but we know it is well worth it.


In Need of A Reliable Surgical Mask Supplier?

We at Wellmien Health Supplies have remained a trusted surgical mask supplier and manufacturer for decades, and we are still open to doing what we are known to do best.


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