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How Does A Emergency Blanket Work?

Our company not only produces medical supplies, but also produces some first-aid supplies. Today we will talk about emergency blankets.


The Basics

A thermal blanket, also known as an emergency blanket, Mylar blanket and space blanket, consists of a thin sheet of plastic with an extremely reflective coating. It is often used to treat hypothermia, but can also be used to make sleeping bags warmer, to construct homemade solar heating ovens and for other projects. It is either silver or gold in color, and is usually big enough to wrap an adult in. When it is folded up, it is extremely compact and weighs very little, which makes it useful for emergency kits.

The working principle of the emergency blanket is used to prevent or hypothermia antibodies, reduce convection, and reduce heat loss caused by sweat evaporation;

Heat radiation

The infrared radiation is directly related to the heat dissipation of the human body. The metal aluminum foil coated on both sides of the emergency blanket is a highly reflective insulating material. It uses the principle of reflection to effectively reflect the heat radiation of the human body, and efficiently reflects the heat energy back to the heat source to slow down the heat of the human body. Disperse to achieve the effect of warmth.

Prevent evaporation and convection heat loss

When sweat or other liquid on the body evaporates, it consumes a lot of energy and lowers body temperature. The first aid blanket helps to slow down the loss of evaporative heat by increasing the humidity of the air near the skin;

The movement of the airflow will accelerate the evaporation and cool the body faster. The emergency blanket forms a barrier between the user and the surrounding air to provide an insulating environment to prevent excessive water overflow and take away heat;


When hot and cool objects come into contact, heat will slowly flow from the hotter object to the colder object in the process of conduction. The best way to prevent conduction is to use a thick insulating layer, such as a cotton jacket, which can slow down the flow of heat; however, due to the thin thickness of the emergency blanket, the ability to prevent conduction is limited. In view of other useful thermal properties, the emergency blanket can still help. The person stays warm in an emergency.

Using the emergency blanket to start fires

The two ways that you can use the blanket to start fires include:

If it is sunny out, use it’s reflective qualities to ignite a fire by putting the reflective side face up, and putting something flammable like dry leaves or old man’s beard on top of it

In the absence of sun, focus a false light on it to create a similar effect to a magnifying glass and concentrate the reflected light in one spot.

If you have a lighter or ignition source, crumble up the safety blanket and put it underneath the tinder and light it.

Now that you are confident in the ability of the emergency blanket, and the emergency blankets ability to keep you warm, I encourage you to keep one with you for whatever life throws your way! The beauty of their design makes them easy to bring along in any situation.

Do you need any emergency blanket?

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