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How Does A Face Mask Filter The Air?

We have discussed various aspects of masks before, and we already have a certain understanding of masks. Today we are going to discuss a new topic of masks.How does a face mask filter the air?


If a good filtering effect is required, a good mask material must be selected. 

A good mask material should meet the following three conditions:

1. High filtration efficiency when the mask is in good contact with the user's face

2. Low breathing resistance

3. The user feels comfortable


The above conditions can be met: non-woven fabric and filter paper (also called: melt blown), the outer layer of non-woven fabric with electrostatic treatment can block large dust particles, and the middle layer of filter paper can remove the electrostatic charge attached to its surface. The fine dust can be adsorbed by electrostatic gravity to achieve high dust blocking efficiency, but the thickness of the filter paper is very thin, which greatly reduces the user's breathing resistance and feels comfortable. A layer of non-woven fabric close to the face can block the nose and filter paper, avoid inhaling fine dust, and is soft and comfortable.

Tested And Certified Filter Technology

The mask filter is essential to the protection. When you breathe through the Urban Air Mask 2.0, air passes through five important layers of filter media before it reaches your lungs. Each air filter media layer has different properties to filter particles of different sizes.


Outside PP layer: Outside filter wrapping in a durable finish

Active Carbon Layer: Reduces gases and odors.

1st Electro Charged Layer: Filters larger pm10 pollution, pollen and other allergens

2nd Electro Charged Layer: Filters smaller pm2.5 pollution, dust and bacteria

Inside PP Layer: Inside filter with ultra-smooth and skin-friendly finish

The multi-layer filter technology is tested at the RISE R&D center in Sweden showing a 98% protection rate against particles down to the size of 0.3μm and 99.99% against pm2.5 pollution. The Urban Air Mask 2.0 is also tested and certified for international pollution mask standards, similar to the N95 mask and N95 respirator standards.



Tips for Wearing Masks:

People who are uncomfortable wearing masks: people with heart or respiratory problems (such as asthma and emphysema), pregnant, dizziness after wearing them, difficulty breathing, and skin sensitivity.

The filtering effect is shown in the below photos: 


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