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How N95 Disposable Surgical Mask Filter Work

In 2009 during spring, a new H1N1 influenza made an arrival, which appearance was sudden. During this flu season (2009-2010) the setback which would come in was expected. Due to this, a surgical mask (face masks) and respirator (ventilator) were considered a measure to control the infection.


Both may look alike but their functions differs. Surgical mask and respirators have different volume of exposure reduction.


Having the interest of the health care workers at heart, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encouraged the using of respirator or NIOSH-certified N95 whenever they were to come in contact with patients having H1N1 directly.


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Filter Performance

Every modern surgical mask or respirator you see has a filter. This filter have a fibrous nature. It is made from unwoven mat of fine fibers which are flat. The tiny spores in the filter, it's thickness and fiber diameter all contribute to the proper functioning of a filter in collecting particles.


There are three mechanical collection mechanism in every fibrous filter which enables the collection of particles. They are; inertial impaction, interception and diffusion. The mechanism responsible for accumulating large particles are inertial impaction and interception. While that of smaller particles is diffusion.


Order than this 3 mechanism, you may find an additional mechanism in some fibrous filters which were made from already charged filters. This mechanism is an electrostatic attraction which collect both small and large sized particles.


The electrostatic attraction mechanism is very relevant to diffuse facepiece respirator filters as it meets the strict filter efficiency and breathing resistance requirements of the NIOSH. This is because, it improves colletion of particles outwith the increment in breathing resistance.


What is the mechanism for collecting particles by N95 disposable surgical mask filter?

The following are the mechanism as described below:

1. Inertial impaction

In this mechanism you will get to know that the inertia is too many as a result of it's mass or size thereby, not allowing it to move with the air current.


Rather, it is offlead around the filter fiber. Hence, it collect large particles.


2. Interception

So also for this mechanism. When particles draw closer to the filter, they are likely to be stopped by the fiber. Hence, it as well collects large particles (those which may have escape the first mechanism).


3. Diffusion

As these particles journey in the air through these mechanisms, they are been bomb by molecules of the air, causing these particles to separate from the air and hindering it from airstreaming as it touches a filter fiber. Therefore, smaller particles are collected in this mechanism.


4. Electrostatic attraction

Oppositely charged elections are attracted to each other. Therefore, you can say that contrary charged particles are pulled towards charged fiber. This mechanism collect both large and small particles.


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