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How to Choose a Disposable Surgical Cap

Most surgical caps on the market are made of fabric, which can be washed and reused. However, disposable surgical caps can be used by people who work in highly infectious or hazardous areas, and repeated use of surgical caps in these areas may be undesirable (or undesirable). If you are working in a highly infectious environment, disposable surgical caps are ideal.

What are the different types of surgical caps?

Before you pick the right scrub hat for you, you must know about some of the top options available in the market. The four key types of surgical caps are:


1. Ponytail surgical caps:

These surgical caps come with an opening in the back to hold and keep in place long hair. They are also equipped with a pouch in which bigger hair can be pushed into for additional safety.


2. Pixie surgical caps:

These surgical caps have a close-fitting and are made for healthcare personnel with shorter hair. They do not possess a lot of extra space, so they aren’t fit for a person with long voluminous hair. They are an ideal option if you have shorter and less dense hair.


3. Bouffant surgical caps:

Bouffant surgical caps are similar to a flattened chef’s cap or an extra-large shower cap. If you have very long or dense hair, bouffant caps offer adequate amount of space to tuck in all your hair strands safely.


4. Disposable surgical caps:

Most of the surgical caps are made up of fabric, and hence can be washed and reused. However, there are some disposable surgical caps available in the market for those functioning in extremely contagious or hazardous areas where it might not be ideal (or desirable) to reuse a surgical hat. Disposable surgical caps are an ideal fit if you work in highly infectious environments.


The choice of disposable caps in the medical environment will not be divided very clearly, but in the operating room environment, you need to use a lace-up doctor's cap or an elastic doctor's cap, which can well fix the hair and collect the sweat on the forehead. Routine care, visits, and daily protection are all options for disposable caps.


How to properly dispose of disposable caps after use?

Disposable caps are not allowed to be reused. Fold the used hats and throw them into the special garbage bin for medical waste for disposal as medical waste.


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