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How To Choose A Lab Coat

For professionals working in the scientific and medical fields, lab coats are used not only to follow workplace dress codes, but also to protect themselves. High protection and comfort garments keep lab workers alert, nimble and responsive throughout the day. Therefore, the choice of laboratory clothes is particularly important.

In the laboratory, lab coats are used to:

Protect the wearer's skin and street clothing from contaminants/chemical splashes;

Prevent cross-contamination outside the lab (as long as you don't wear a coat outside);

Provide an easily removable barrier in the event of an accidental spill, splash, fire or other hazard;

Protect sleeves and arms from containers/chemicals (use knitted or elastic cuffs).

The choice of lab coat starts with understanding the types of dangers you may face.

for example:

Does the work involve chemicals, biological agents or radioisotopes?

Does lab work involve handling animals such as mice?

Are there flammable or pyrophoric materials?

Is there a high risk of spills, splashes and splashes?

Is there a possibility of contamination spreading?

Lab coat size

There are three important factors in choosing the best lab coat size, fit, coat length and sleeve length.

1. Fit

Make sure to choose a lab coat that fits, not only for looks but also for comfort. It is important that the arms are not restrained, the lab coat does not fit snugly against the hips and torso, and that the buttons fasten properly.

2. Coat length

After customizing the lab coat to fit your body type, the next step is to determine the length of the lab coat. Ideally, the lab coat length should be just above the knee.

3. The length of the sleeves

When the arm is fully extended, the sleeve should be just in front of or at the wrist, and when the arm is not extended, the sleeve should hang down to the sides of the body. Try moving or swinging your arms in different directions to test the flexibility of the lab coat to make sure the length is right.

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In a clinical laboratory setting, a lab coat must be worn at all times to provide full protection and additional benefits. Failure to wear it jeopardizes the integrity of the work in progress, as well as the health and safety of those involved. 

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