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How to Choose Scrub Caps

At present, most medical staff use disposable surgical caps, which are made of non-woven fabrics. The disposable surgical cap is designed to prevent the operator from losing hair during the operation and polluting the sterile environment of the operating room.

Wearing disposable non-woven protective caps correctly is not only beautiful and safe. Disposable surgical caps can prevent sweat from falling, ensure that the doctor’s head is dry and breathable, improve the comfort of the doctor during surgery, and it is a two-way barrier to protect patients and medical staff.


How to wear surgical cap?

1. Choose a hat of appropriate size to cover your hair and hairline

2. If your hair is relatively long, you should tie up your hair before wearing a hat, and put all your hair in the hat.

3. Adjust the rubber band or strap to tie the hat tightly to prevent it from falling off during use.


Matters needing attention in the use of hats:

1. If the disposable surgical cap is damaged, it cannot be used

2. Sub-products that are not disposable products, use them as professional medical waste for destruction

3. If allergy occurs during use, stop using it immediately.


What to look for when choosing a surgical hat for long hair

When making your selection, there are a few things to consider, to ensure that the hat you’re buying

meets your criteria for being the best cap for you.


Scrub cap types

Before you can start making your selection of the best surgical cap for long hair, you might want to know

the types of scrubs caps available.


Ponytail scrub cap

Ponytail Scrub Cap is the most common surgical hat for long hair. It has an opening in the back to allow

accommodation of the long hair.

Some surgical caps for nurses come with a pouch that allows you to tuck your long hair providing you

with additional protection.


Bouffant scrub cap

There is also the bouffant hat. It has a design that looks like an oversized shower cap or a deflated chef’s


It’s a perfect surgical cap for those surgeons with long or thick hair. It does come with extra room that

can hold the hair securely and comfortably.

If designed by a professional, the bouffant cap can be styled the way you like to match your style and

surgical uniform.


Disposable scrub hat

A disposable scrub hat is another common type of surgical cap made from fabric. It’s washable and

reusable. If designed right, the scrub hat can hold your hair comfortably and securely.

However, if you work in a highly contagious and messy environment, you can dispose of it instead of

reusing it. Disposable scrub caps are available cheaply, making it easier to dispose of.


Pixie scrub cap

If you have ever heard of a close-fitting surgical hat, this is it. It’s mostly for medical professionals, but for

those with short hair and thus the name ‘pixie.’

They might not be ideal for long hair since they have no extra room. So, this is not an option for you.


In the end

You don’t have to wear boring default surgical hats anymore. Besides wearing cool, modern scrub uniforms, you can juice up your look with a high-quality handmade scrub cap that becomes the focal point of your attire. Having long hair doesn’t require you to squeeze it all into a typical surgical hat. You can get a scrub cap for long hair that feels comfortable on your head. Choose a suitable model using the tips above and enjoy the comfort and the coziness of wearing the truly best surgical hat for nurses and doctors. If you are looking for a reliable surgical cap supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us!