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How To Put On The Isolation Gown ?

Isolation gown is a kind of personal protective equipment used to protect staff and patients, prevent the spread of pathogens, and avoid cross-infection.

Putting on and taking off the isolation gown is important in personal protection.

1. item preparation: 1 isolation gown; 1 hanger; 1 clip; 1 set of hand disinfection

2. Operating procedures:

Preparation: dress textiles, wash your hands, wear a mask, roll your sleeves over your elbows, and prepare the necessary items.


A. Hold the gown and receive the isolation gown, picture 1

B. Fold the end of the collar by hand, and make the inner opening of your own sleeve. picture 2

C. Hold the collar with the right hand and reach into the sleeve with the left hand. Pull the collar on the right hand to make the cuff of the left hand, picture 3



D. Hold the collar in the left hand, and wear the right sleeve according to the above method, pic 4

E. Tie the neckband with both hands along the edge of the collar and back, pic 5

F. Fasten the left and right cuffs, pic 6

G. To tie the waist belt Loosen the front waist belt slip knot, move the back of the isolation garment forward about 5cm from the seam of one side of the waistband.

Pull, see the edge of the clothes pinch the outside (pic 7)

H. Pinch the other side according to the same method (pic8).

I. Align the edges of the isolation gown with both hands behind the back (pic9),

J. Fold one side to the other (pic10)

K. Swap the belt around the back, then tie a slip knot to the front (pic 11)



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