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How to Remove Sticky Residue from Surgical Tape

We often encounter such situations in our life. After using the band-aid, medical tape or surgical tape, the sticky skin is not easy to clean.

The most common treatment

1) Rubbing alcohol: This household alcohol concentration is not high, take a small amount with a cotton swab or cotton ball, let it sit for a while, and gently wipe the skin

2) Use non-woven alcohol wipes to directly wipe the skin

3) Towel hot compress can also be used on the adhesive skin of medical tape

A: Before removing the medical tape, you need to smear some hot water on the tape to facilitate the removal of the tape;

B. After the hot water is applied, there will be some glue marks left when the tape is removed;

C. Then put the hot towel on the place where there are residual glue marks, and let it stand for five minutes. The hot towel helps to improve the activity of the glue and is convenient for wiping; if there is still residual glue after taking it out, repeat the heating of the towel again.

D. Finally, use a towel to wipe the glue marks repeatedly to clean up.

4) Apply baby oil to the skin edge with a cotton swab and wait a few minutes for it to penetrate the skin. Baby oil is gentler on the skin and dissolves the adhesive, so it's easier to tape and the skin doesn't feel sore.

5) Effectively take a bath in warm water in the tub. The foam helps to make the adhesive come off on its own, may also need to be scrubbed with a rag. If you don't have enough time to take a bath, you can try soaking the adhesive area with a basin of warm water with foam for a while, then gently wipe it with a linen cloth until it is completely clean.

6) No matter which method is used, it is necessary to repeatedly wash hands and affected areas with soap after cleaning the adhesive area, because chemical components such as alcohol cannot stay on the skin surface for a long time, and repeated cleaning will help reduce damage to the skin.

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