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How To Stop Glasses From Fogging When Wearing A Face Mask

During the epidemic period, ordinary people spend more time wearing masks, and worries follow. Do lenses often fog up when wearing glasses?


Why do glasses get foggy?

Fog is a form of condensation. Condensation happens when warm air hits a cooler surface. This causes misty droplets of water to form on a surface.


Condensation on your glasses can happen when you step out of the cold outdoors and into a heated room, or when you step out of an air-conditioned space into humid summer conditions.


And, as already mentioned, it can happen when your warm breath rises up from under a mask or face shield and hits the cool lenses of your glasses.


Knowing this reason, we can take targeted measures to prevent fogging.


1. Keep the mask close to your face to reduce air leakage. This can not only prevent the glasses from fogging, but more importantly, it can play a better protective effect and prevent bacteria and viruses from slipping into the nose through the gap.

a. The nose strip of the mask is elastic. After putting on the mask, be sure to compress the nose strip to make it fit the bridge of the nose completely.

b. If the ear straps are too loose and not fit enough, it is recommended to tie the knots on both sides of the ear straps before wearing them.

c. If you still feel that there is a gap, roll the paper towel into a strip and use double-sided tape to put it on the inner side of the nose strip of the mask.

d. Directly buy masks with sponge strips, such as N95 masks.

e. Adjust the wearing height of the mask so that the nose pads of the glasses are pressed on the mask.


2. Keep the lens clean to prevent fogging.

a. Clean the lenses frequently with glasses cleaner to keep the lenses clean. Dedicated cleaners are available at eyeglass stores. If not, household dishwashing detergent can be used instead, and it can be dried naturally after washing.

b. If the lens is not clean, it is estimated that your lens is too old and scratched. It is recommended to replace the lens in time.


The bottom line

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, wearing a mask or not, fog can form on the lenses of your glasses. Foggy glasses are not just an annoyance, they can keep you from seeing clearly while you’re doing important tasks.


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