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How To Take Off The Isolation Gown

As a disposable personal protective equipment, non-woven isolation gowns are designed to prevent the spread of pathogens and protect patients and staff from pathogens.


How to take off the isolation gown?

1)Untie the belt and tie a slip knot in front of the waist (pic 1)

2) Untie the cuffs, pull up the sleeves gently, and tuck the sleeves inward under the sleeves of the clothes at the elbows (pic 2)

3) Disinfect hands.

4) Untie the neckline, put your right hand into the left sleeve and pull down the cuff to pass (pic 3)

5) Pinch the outside of the right sleeve with the covered left hand, and pull down the right sleeve (pic 4)

6) Withdraw both hands from the sleeve to the shoulder seam (pic 5), fold the sleeves and the edge of the isolation garment.

7) Hold the collar with both hands and hang the isolation gown on the hook (pic 6). If the isolation gown is no longer used, put the clean side out into the dirty bag.


Notes for taking off isolation gown:

ü Before wearing isolation gowns, you should prepare all necessary items in your work.

ü The length of the isolation gown is appropriate, and the inner work clothes must be completely covered and intact.

ü After wearing isolation gowns, activities are restricted to the specified area, and no entry into the clean area is allowed.

ü When tying the neckline, do not allow the sleeves to touch the face, collar and work cap.

ü When washing hands, the isolation gown shall not contaminate the hand washing equipment.

ü Isolation gowns should be replaced daily, if they are wet or contaminated, they should be replaced immediately.

ü When hanging the isolation gown, if it is in a semi-contaminated area, the contaminated surface shall not be exposed; if it is in a contaminated area, the clean surface shall not be exposed.


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