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How To Tell If KF94 Shape Mask Is Real Or Good Quality?

1) In China, Wellmien tried to make researches and found some people had done this test, that wearing the mask to blow out the candle to test the mask if it is real or good quality.

Is this test a real evidence to check the mask qualified or not ? -It is not an evidence. In China, it had been regarded as “masks rumors.”


2) There are many types face masks during the covid-19.  Some respirators are produced with thick melt-blown , this makes the mask have the high pressure.  If you wear this kind of mask, it is diffcult for you to blow out the candle.  But some other surgical masks or surgical respirators,  pressure should be lower and pass the pressure test.  If we wear this low pressure surgical mask or surgical respirator, we may blow out the candle.  Also, respirator with valve, you can blow out the candle easily,  but with valve,  or surgical masks, because of the low pressure, you will feel more breathable than the very thick meltblown, but still have a strong PFE and BFE for our protection.


3) We had made the test for our newly surgical KF mask we had done in 2021 after using the special water column filter paper. It is high filtration efficiancy, but low pressure to ensure the mask can reach BFE99, PFE99, actualy data of the test report can reach ASTM L3 standard. So if wearing a lower pressure KF masks, it may blow out the candle, but we can not say it is not a good KF mask and low protection mask.



For example, below image is from one of USA company’s surgical mask. Their surgical masks pressure is very very low.  We are still surprised with USA high-tech precision equipment that can produce such nonwoven fabric and meltblow. You can see the ASTM Level 3 surgical mask, 160mmHg fluid resistance, but pressure is only<2.5 and their masks are not thick as well.  If you wear this kind of mask, you can easily to blow out the candle.  We can not judge this surgical mask,  “ oh it is not a qualified mask”. On the contrary, the low pressure but high efficieny mask is a high-grade mask with high-tech.



4) China has not this kind of machine to produce such fabric with very very low presure. China machine can produce the melt-blown, and fabric  that can meet requested standard based on EU or USA standard.  The fabric becomes 4 layers of KF masks. In order to ensure this mask can reach medical standard,  Wellmien have to use the special melt-blow to ensure the pressure lower, and PFE99, BFE99 after many times test and samples.  The test report can totally explain this.

5) Sometimes people have different vital capacity, some can blow out some not. With valve respirator, you can blow out easily because they are breathable. To this point, lower pressure masks makes us wear mask feel more comfortable and breathable. When you wear this kind of medical KF fish mask, you will not feel very stuffy when you wear a whole day.

6) In a conclusion, wearing mask to blown out the candle is not a scientific evidence to check if the mask real or unreal, qualified or not qualified.  We Wellmien hope we can solve questions in a professional point of view.