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How To Use Face Mask Properly

Under the Covid-19 epidemic situation, the importance of wearing masks is self-evident. Wearing a mask has even become a part of our lives. How can we properly wear a mask? Today we will discuss this issue.


1. Use disinfectant to clean your hands and keep your hands dry (refer to the attached seven steps of hand washing)

2. Take out the masks (ear masks, banded masks) from the packing bag.



How to distinguished the top and the bottom of the mask: the one with the bridge of the nose is the top, and vice versa, the three creases are opened downward.

How to distinguished the inside and outside of the mask: the colored ones are outside, and the white ones are inside.


Ear-loop Face Mask

① Open the earhooks with both hands, close the top of the mask against the bridge of the nose, close the bottom of the mask against the chin, and hang the earhooks on both ears.

Tie-on Surgical Mask

① First tie the two lower straps behind the neck.

② The mask is attached to the nose, mouth, and chin, and the two upper straps are fastened behind the head.


3. Pull up and down the opening cover to ensure that the mask can cover the nose, mouth, and chin.

4. Press the nose bridge to make the mask fit the nose bridge.

5. After wearing a mask, make sure to breathe and talk comfortably.

6. When removing the mask, fold the mask, place it in a sealed bag, and throw it into the designated trash can.

7. Use the disinfectant to clean your hands again.



1. Q:Can I sneeze with a mask? A: No, you should remove the mask when sneezing, and cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or cover your nose and mouth with your elbow.

2. Q:Can I wipe it with a mask when I have a runny nose? A: No, when you have nasal mucus, you should remove the mask, wipe the nasal mucus with a paper towel, clean your hands with a disinfectant towel, and then put on the mask.


Seven steps to wash your hands


Step 1: Wash palms and moisten hands with running water, apply disinfectant (or hand sanitizer), palms facing each other, and fingers close together and rub each other;

Step 2: Wash the palms between the fingers on the back and rub the palms of your opponents along the fingers, and exchange your hands;

Step 3: Wash the palms and palms facing each other, cross your hands and rub each other along the fingers;

Step 4: Wash the thumb with one hand and rotate the thumb with the other hand, exchange hands;

Step 5: Wash the back of the fingers and bend the knuckles of the fingers, half make a fist, place the back of the finger on the palm of the other hand, rotate and rub, exchange hands;

Step 6: Wash your fingertips and bend each finger joint, put your fingertips together in the palm of your other hand, rotate and rub, exchange your hands;

Step 7: Wash your wrists and arms, rub your wrists and arms, and exchange your hands.

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