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How to Wear Surgical Gowns Accurately

Surgical gowns, as a necessary protective clothing during surgery, are used to reduce the risk of medical staff contacting pathogenic microorganisms, and at the same time, it can also reduce the risk of pathogenic microorganisms spreading between medical staff and patients. It is a safe barrier for the sterile area during surgery. 

Wearing surgical gowns accurately is essential.

Prepare yourself

Dress neatly, wear a surgical mask, a doctor's cap, remove watch accessories, etc., wash your hands and soak your hands in disinfectant and dry them;

Item preparation

A sterile surgical gown (appropriate length, no holes, no dampness, complete ties), a pair of sterile gloves, and sterile saline;

Environmental preparation

Sufficient space around, sterile area, clean and spacious;


  1.  Lift the middle part of the uppermost folded surgical gown with one hand to avoid contaminating the lower end of the surgical gown;

2. Lift both ends of the collar of the surgical gown with both hands, and gently shake open the surgical gown, with the waistband facing outwards;

3. Throw the clothes lightly into the air in the open area around, quickly stretch your hands into the sleeves at the same time, and stretch your hands forward;

4. Hold the roving nurse to pull the surgical gown over the shoulders, make both hands stretch out the cuffs, touch only the inner side of the surgical gown during this process; fix the shoulder velcro; and tie the inner strap of the clothes.

5. Wear gloves, hold the belt clip with both hands, separate the left outer belt from the belt clip, hold the belt with your left hand, and do not exceed the mid-axillary line;

6. Give the belt card to the roving nurse, then turn three-quarters to the left, and the roving nurse will pull the belt to its full length.

7. Pull the outer belt out of the belt clip held by the visiting nurse and tie it to the other outer belt on the left

8. After putting on the surgical gown, the surgeon should not swing his hands at will, put it only on the chest, retract the elbows, and do not droop;

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