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Introduction Of Flat Ear-band Mask Composition

We have discussed a lot about masks before, today we will tallk about flat ear-band mask.

The conventional flat ear-band mask is composed of 2 layers of spun-bond non-woven fabric, 1 layer of filter paper, nose bridge strip and ear-bands, which is welded by ultrasonic, breathable and comfortable.

1. Mask size

a. Regular adult mask size: 17.5X9.5cm

For European and American races, the expanded size should be no less than 16.3cm, and for Asian, Middle East, and African races, the expanded size should be no less than 15.5ccm.

b. Children's mask size: 14.5X9.5cm, choose the unfolded size not less than 15cm. Reference basis: From the center of the upper nose to the position in front of the ears as shown in the figure, choose an adult mask when it is close to 12cm, and choose a child mask when it is close to 10.5cm.

2. The main material of the mask

It is generally made of three layers. They are the outer layer of spun-bond non-woven fabric, the middle layer of filter paper, and the inner layer of spun-bonded non-woven fabric.

The outer layer of the mask has an anti-droplet design, the middle layer is filtered, and the internal memory absorbs moisture.

3. Nose bridge

There are aluminum strips, single iron wire, 2 iron wires, plastic strips

   Aluminum strip: The nose bridge is well positioned and does not rebound, but the cost is high and it has been eliminated.

   Single wire: General positioning at the bridge of the nose, but low cost, more common in the market.

   Double wire: good positioning at the bridge of the nose, no rebound, the most cost-effective, popular in the market.

   Plastic strip: General positioning at the bridge of the nose, easy to protect the face from scratches, moderate cost, generally suitable for children's masks.

4. Ear-band

Choose a single ear strap with an effective length of not less than 16.5cm, otherwise it will tighten your ears and make it uncomfortable to wear.

The ear straps are divided into round elastic bands and flat elastic bands.

The round elastic band is low in cost. Because of its small contact area with the root of the ear, the ear will feel uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time.

Flat elastic has a high cost. Because of its larger contact area with the root of the ear, it is more comfortable even if it is worn for a long time.

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