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June, 2020: Wellmien Health Supplies Came Out Successful In The ISO Annual Audit Report

The need for quality kits from an outdoor emergency exporter is as important as the health and well-being of the users. Using a standard outdoor emergency product keeps you safe from harm.


In a bid to ensure quality products in the market, the International Standard Organization (ISO) regulates and certifies companies that meet the required quality and standard of products set aside by them.


With this, customers are sure of quality products from companies that pass through the certification process of ISO.


When it comes to consistent quality, there is no alternative option for an ISO audit. Every product is scrutinized to ensure that everything about it is true and independently verified.


In June 2020, Wellmien Health Supplies  passed the ISO annual audit report, and this is a clear testimony to the dedication and teamwork of our highly skilled professionals.


Just like it is obtained anywhere in the world, the hallmark of ISO certification is the consistent production of quality products for the market, since there is no alternative for quality.


Our team of experts in Wellmien Health Supplies ensures that our products meet the international standard.


Talking about the equipment used for the production of our high quality outdoor emergency products, there is no quality products without standard production tools. For this reason, the ISO audit team regularly monitors the type of equipment used for production.


And as a reputable and experienced producer of outdoor emergency products and other health products, we use world class equipment that meets the regulated standard. In fact, there is no quality deficit from us due to our reputation and consistent operational standard.

 ISO Annual Audit Report

From our records, consumers are assured of quality products that are produced by a reputable and experienced manufacturer. The ISO annual audit report of June 2020 is one of our testimonies since we always make sure that the production of products that meet the specification of the product without compromise.


In compliance with the International Standard Organization regulation, we keep very close monitoring of every process in the production line of our products. We make sure our products have high quality that meets the required needs of our customers without adverse effects.  


Kudos to our dedicated and selfless team of Experts who work tirelessly to send the best products to our highly-esteemed customers all over the world. Knowing the requirement of ISO annual audit, our team consistently add more laurels to our existing achievements.


Interestingly, ISO certified manufacturers are highly dependable, reliable and known for their consistent production of quality products with world class standard.


Passing annual audit is a process that requires consistency, and for us in Wellmien Health Supplies we are keen on adopting consistent process that attest to high quality products.


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Wellmien Health Supplies is a renowned and experienced outdoor emergency exporter of quality outdoor emergency products and other health kits. All our products are certified by the International Standard Organization.

Our dedication, consistency, professionalism, and excellence in the production of our products enable our company passed the ISO annual audit report of June 2020.

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