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June, 2020: Wellmien Health Supplies Passed SGS Inspection and Obtained Certificate Of Compliance

As the world continues in her battle against various diseases ravaging the world, manufacturers of disposable health supplies are on their part working hard to produce the best materials for both medical and safety use.


However, despite how hard reputable and professional manufacturing companies such as Wellmien Health Supplies is trying to ensure that the health and medical market receives the best of health supplies such as disposable cap and surgical nose mask, the market is still receiving some health supplies that are below the acceptable health standard on a daily basis.


This, you can tell is inevitable, especially as the health supplies manufacturing stage is occupied by some incompetent manufacturers with little or no knowledge of the best, safe and quality control measures to adopt in their production process.


For this reasons, health and safety regulatory agencies such as the Standard Global Services (SGS) have risen to the responsibility of ensuring that various disposable cap factory and manufacturers are well monitored in an attempt to ensure that they adopt the best manufacturing process as well as using the best materials for their production.


What better way can such monitoring be carried out to ensure that health supplies hitting the market from various factories pass through the best production process and are being produced using the best materials?  The answer is simple!


By regular visits of various manufacturing firms and a thorough evaluation of their production lines, machines and materials to ensure that they are in line with the acceptable standards.


It is in line with such regular visit, inspection and evaluation by the SGS that our Wellmien Health Supplies disposable cap factory received a team of regulatory inspectors from the SGS, in order to ascertain our quality control measures in the overall manufacturing process within our disposable cap factory.

 SGS inspection SGS inspection

And as a renowned health supplies manufacturing firm with over 15 years of active service in the supply of high quality disposable PPE, outdoor emergency supply, medical consumables and other beauty care products, such routine visits by the SGS was one which we have long prepared for.


As part of our preparation in anticipation for the regular checks and evaluation to see if our manufacturing process, systems, products and services are in compliant with both national and international regulations and standards, we ensure that our production process are well-monitored and supervised by our expert team.


In doing this, we always meet all the quality requirements as well as the international regulations and standards for manufacturers of health supplies by the Standard Global Services.


And recently in June, 2020, the visit of the SGS to our disposable cap factory for inspection as well as the evaluation of our quality control and safety production measures was a seamless time for the agency.


The reason for this is because we are always on the look out to ensure that we don’t deviate from the acceptable manufacturing standards in the production of our medical and other health supplies.


This high level of preparedness and compliance with the SGS requirements earned us an excellent pass mark in the June, 2020 evaluation and inspection exercise.


In addition to our well-deserved pass mark during the inspection, we were also awarded a certificate of compliance by the SGS, and that has become another epic milestone in our history as a heavyweight in the health supplies market.


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