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May, 2020: Wellmien Health Supplies Obtained Foreign Standard Certification For Medical And Non-Medical Mask Manufacturers

The COVID-19 pandemic has in no small way shaken the whole world. There has been a stop to day to day activities, many businesses have closed down and thousands of hospitals worldwide were filled to maximum capacity. 


The treatment of COVID-19 has been a tasking one and there has been such a huge demand for high-quality medical equipment supplied in bulk. 


Several countries of the world sought for medical kit suppliers in China that can supply COVID-19 related medical equipment such as hand sanitizers, nose mask and testing kits.


One of the biggest challenges that the healthcare sector of many nations all over the world have had has been the supply of low-quality equipment.


We have risen to this challenge.


We as reputable manufacturers have a policy and have determined to ourselves that upon the demand for our equipment, we would only supply high-quality equipment.


We understand the importance of high-grade equipment and have a standard policy to always supply such.


Due to our excellent track record, non-compromising core-values and highly affordable prices, we were recommended as medical kit suppliers in China for the bulk production of the necessary medical equipment needed for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.


When our non-medical nose masks and COVID-19 testing kits were demanded, we began production in bulk, taking all the produced equipment through several testing stages. 


Our client specified the grade and amount of medical kits that they needed and we ensured not to include any of the produced equipment that we observed were low in quality in any way. 


Even though our products were demanded in bulk, we remained unswerving in the production of high-quality medical equipment.


We supplied the materials on the specified date they were requested for submission and our client tested the equipment and loved them.


It is because of this high-value purchase that we have been granted our foreign standard certification in May, 2020.


We have been officially registered as suppliers of medical materials and non-medical mask manufacturers.


This was very exciting news for us because we are now globally recognized for our high-quality manufacturing and supply.

 Wellmien Health Supplies Obtained Foreign Standard Certification For Medical And Non-Medical Mask Manufacturers

Why We Are Outstanding?

Our recent achievement of a foreign standard certification is in part a function of some striking operational qualities that is unique to us. Among such include:


1. Unflinching Commitment to Quality

In a bid to ensure that all our products of the highest quality, we work quality standards according to ISO13485. Also, our manufacturing processes are US FDA 510K approved.


2. Highly Experienced

With over 14 years and still counting the trade, we are well-vested with the necessary and mandatory quality standards as prescribed by both national and international standard organizations.


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