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Non-woven Hat Inspection Standards

Do you want to know the inspection standard of non-woven hat? Today we will find out this as below.


1. Material: disposable non-woven fabric hat  material is non-woven fabric (non-woven fabric).

2. Specifications and dimensions: The specifications and dimensions are as required by the buyer's contract.

3. The microbiological indicators are implemented in accordance with the regulations of (ordinary grade) sanitary products in GB15979-2002.

4. The appearance of the packaging film is intact and undamaged.

5. The surface of disposable non-woven hats should be neatly stacked, clean and tidy, with uniform thickness and no damage.

6. The sewing of disposable non-woven hats should be tight, the line should be straight, and there should be no jumpers. The start and stop stitches and back stitches should be firm: the hem width should be uniform and neat, and the symmetrical parts should be basically the same.

7. The rubber band of disposable non-woven hat should be flexible and not easy to break.

8. Visual inspection of the material, the thickness of the material is consistent and flawless.

9. Use general measuring tools to check the specifications and dimensions, and the dimensions should meet the requirements of the buyer's contract.

10. Microbiological indicators are tested according to the method of GB15979-2002 "Sanitary Standards for Disposable Sanitary Products".

11. Visual inspection and hand feel inspection are used for visual inspection.

12. The inspection rules must be inspected by the inspection department of the manufacturer, and leave the factory after being qualified.

13. Logo, label, instruction manual

14. The product logo indicates the product brand.

15. At least the following content should be included on the certificate

A) The name of the product

B) Product specifications

C) Packing quantity

D) Ingredients of raw materials

E) Product standard number

F) Production date, validity period

G) Lot number

H) Name and address of the manufacturer

I) Quality inspection stamp of the production unit

16. The following signs should be on the outer packing box:

A) Product name, specification model, quantity

B) Product production date and validity period.

17. Product packaging should meet the following requirements:

A) The mark of the outer packing box should meet the requirements of the order;

B) Sealed inner packaging made of neutral materials;

C) There should be an outer packaging that can ensure that the product and accompanying documents are not damaged by nature;

18. The transportation requirements are in accordance with the order contract.

19. Store the packaged products in a dry, non-corrosive gas, pollution-free, and well-ventilated room.


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