Adjustable Medical Training Blood Collection Snap Tourniquet


Material: ABS + Elastic strap

Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, White, Black, etc

Size: 450*25cm

Printing: on the clip, on the buckle

Adjustable Tourniquet With Buckle /Clip /Snap

Quick-release buckle/clip/clasp tourniquet

Easy to operate High-quality medical training blood collection snap tourniquets, clip tourniquets, buckle tourniquets quick release

How to use:

1.Quick release tourniquet. Open with just one button

2. Insert the clip into the buckle box to form a loop.

3. Pull the handle to stretch the elastic bandage to the right position.

4. Press the button gently after use and the button will automatically pop out easily.


1. Single-use, environmentally friendly 

2. High elasticity --- even if repeatedly stretched to keep the memory

3. New design --- can reduce infection among patients

4. Textured appearance, non-slip

5. Safer - avoid infection during blood collection and injection

6. Continuous blood sampling, is rapid and easy to draw when you want

7. Comfortable and safe for patients/doctors

8. TPE latex-free environmental protection material

Material: LABS + latex-free elastic band

Color: black, blue, yellow, green, red, white, etc.

Printing: Customized logo printed on the clip or band

Size: suitable for adults, and children.

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