Disposable Isolation Gown
Wellmien Disposable Isolation Gown

Disposable Isolation Gown

The isolation gown is designed to prevent cross contamination and protect the wearer’s skin and clothing from infectious liquids and solids. Compared to surgical gowns, the isolation gown must offer full back coverage and have a barrier performance of at least a Level 1, that means it must cover as much as the body as is necessary for its intended use. While the back of surgical gowns may be nonprotective. Isolation gowns are intended for more high-risk applications. For example, if there is a medium to high risk of contamination. Of course, this is particularly important today, and so isolation gowns are used often.

With the number of patients affected by COVID-19 projected to increase, organizations that manufacture and supply PPE for medical institutions will struggle to meet demand including disposable medical gowns, disposable shoe covers and surgical mask. The unprecedented demand for large quantities of high-quality PPE has prompted suppliers and manufacturers to seek new sources of equipment. Chinese suppliers of disposable medical gowns/isolation gown material are leaders in the market, benefiting from China’s stable, high-quality supply chain and cost-effective.

Professional Isolation Gown Supplier

Wellmien is one of the leading disposable surgical isolation gowns suppliers and manufacturers in PPE industry. We provide high quality and most cost-effective protective isolation gowns at wholesale prices and exported to the worldwide such as US, France, Spain and etc. Our disposable isolation gowns, approved by US FDA and EU CE certified, provide excellent pathogen, bacterium, and virus spore protection, as well as strong tensile strength and a fluid barrier with a high level of flexibility and they are one size fits most. Furthermore, all product quality, deliveries and customer services are fully supported by our supply chain.

  • Company: Wellmmlen Healthcare Tech.(Suzhou) Co.,Ltd

  • Founded: 2006

  • Location: Suzhou, China

  • Markets: North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and to over 100 countries

  • Certificates: ISO13485, FDA and CE certified

  • Industry: Manufacturing and supplier

Check out our Different Levels of Isolation Gowns

Wellmien is ISO13485 certified and implements a strict Quality Management System on the whole PPE production process to produce great disposable isolation gowns for our clients. We provide level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4 isolation gowns in various colors, sizes and materials. If you're looking for a reliable medical isolation disposable gowns manufacturer, Please contact us and get a price quote.

Details of our Isolation Gowns:

  • Material: SBPP(100% polypropylene)、PP+PE or SMS fabric

  • MOQ: 5000 pieces

  • Bulk Price: $0.25 - $0.8 per piece

  • Grammage: 16-50gsm

  • Color: white, blue, yellow, green or Customize

  • Size: S-XXXL

  • Style: ties at back of neck and waist, Non-sterile, elastic cuffs

  • Sleeve: long sleeves

  • Features: fluid resistant, abrasion, tear-resistant, moisture and bacterial penetration resistant

  • Certified: fda approved

  • Packaging: 10pcs/bag,100pcs/ctn

  • Application: hospital, examination labs, antisepsis, healthcare centers and etc.

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