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Material: EVA ( Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer)

Powder Content: Powder-Free

Color: Clear

Cuff Length: 250mm (size M), 270mm (size L), 290mm (size XL)

Weight: 2.0 gram +/- 0.2 (size M), 2.3 gram +/- 0.2 (size L), 2.5 gram +/- 0.2 (size XL),

Disposable EVA Copolymer Examination Gloves

Material: EVA ( Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer)

Powder Content: Powder-Free

Color: Clear

Cuff Length: S, M, L


- Ambidextrous (Can be worn on Left or Right hand) - Powder-free - Chlorination free - High operability and Easy to wear

Thickness Measurements

Finger: 0.025mm 

Palm: 0.025mm

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength: Before Aging - 360 (min.); After Aging - 360 (min.)

Elongation: Before Aging - 550 (min.); After Aging - 550 (min.)


Cost-effective alternative to vinyl. Stretchy fit for increased dexterity. Recyclable. Embossed for grip. Not made with natural rubber latex. Approved for food handling.


The lightness of plastic with the flexibility of rubber



Medical and Food contact grade

No color addition

Incinerable leading to water vapor



The hand gloves are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate copolymer (EVA) and are biodegradable within 2 years after it comes in touch with the ground (earth)


Sterilized Medical Examination gloves are manufactured using specialized EVA copolymer for Skinfeel and satin smooth touch. This enables closer and more effective investigation by healthcare professionals.

Sterilized using medical grade ETO sterilization process. Perfect protection for the patient and the healthcare professional Non-toxic, Non-allergic, and powder-free Oxo-biodegradable material yields 99% water vapor on incineration. 

An Environmentally responsible product Easy to wear instant slip-on, no powdering needed. Eliminates infection.

Each pair is packed and sterilized in an easy-to-carry sachet Odourless at normal temperatures MATERIAL: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate copolymer (EVA)

Comparison of EVA gloves VS. Latex examination gloves

No.EVA GlovesLatex examination gloves
1Sterile & UnsterilsOnly Unsterile

Non-powdered: No irritation for hands-on repeated usage

Powdered: Causes irritation upon repeated usage


Easy to wear

Not so easy to wear-might tear off


No pin holes-Hence excellent protection

Pin holes found


Excellent tactile strength

Less compared to EVA gloves



Costly compared to EVA gloves

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