Double Lumen Non-inflatable Laryngeal Mask

Material: Medical Garde Silicone

Color of Cuff: Transparent

Style: Non-Inflatable & Double Lumen

Catalog Number: SLIPA-3G

Double Lumen Non-inflatable Laryngeal Mask

The non-inflatable double-lumen laryngeal mask (DLM) is a specialized medical device used in anesthesia and airway management. Its primary function is to provide a secure airway during various medical procedures, particularly when endotracheal intubation may not be feasible or desired.


Airway Management: The DLM facilitates ventilation by securing the airway and allowing for the passage of gases to and from the lungs.

Separate Channels: It consists of two lumens, each serving a different purpose. One lumen is dedicated to ventilation, while the other allows for inserting a gastric tube to decompress the stomach or administer medications.

Flexible Use: It can be used in a variety of clinical scenarios, including surgeries, emergency medicine, and critical care situations.

Less Traumatic: Compared to endotracheal intubation, the insertion of a DLM may be less traumatic and more comfortable for the patient.


Versatility: The DLM can be used in a wide range of patients, including those with difficult airways or certain anatomical variations.

Reduced Risk of Trauma: Because it doesn't require inflation of a cuff, there's a reduced risk of pressure-related trauma to the airway.

Gastric Access: The presence of a separate gastric channel allows for gastric decompression and the administration of medications or fluids without interference with ventilation.

Less Invasive: Insertion of the DLM is generally less invasive than endotracheal intubation, which may be beneficial in certain clinical situations.

Overall, the Non-inflatable double-lumen laryngeal Mask offers a valuable alternative for airway management in various clinical settings, providing a balance of advantages and disadvantages that healthcare providers must consider when selecting the appropriate airway device for their patients.

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