Operating Kit-Disposable Sterile Universal Surgical Pack

Material: 100% nonwoven fabric, SMS, PP+PE

Normal Contents: Reinforced Surgical Gown(2pcs-3pcs), Back Table Cover, U shape Drape, Towel

Size: as customized

Packing: Individual Package

Certificate: CE/ ISO13485

OEM/ODM: Accept

Operating Kit-Disposable Sterile Universal Surgical Pack

The disposable universal surgical pack is applicable to surgeries in various departments.

The surgical pack consists:

1Sterilization Wrap100*100cm1pcs
2Back Table Cover100*150cm1pcs
3Reinforced Surgical GownL2pcs
4U shape Drape160*240cm1pcs
5Basic Drape160*200cm4pcs

The main drape is made of SMS material, which is lightweight, soft, and comfortable. It possesses notable features such as excellent water resistance, good absorbency, high hydrostatic pressure, superior flexibility, minimal linting, imported hypoallergenic adhesive, static electricity resistance, alcohol resistance, plasma resistance, and oil stain resistance. 

Universal Operating Kit6.jpg

It effectively prevents the penetration of fluids and bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection. The area surrounding the surgical opening is equipped with reinforced absorbent material to efficiently absorb fluids during the surgical procedure. 

Moreover, its folding method facilitates ease of use, saving time and effort. 

Product advantages: 

1. High level of softness and comfort, excellent flexibility. 

2. Remarkable water resistance, effectively preventing the penetration of fluids and bacteria. 

3. Outstanding absorbency. 

4. Resistant to static electricity, alcohol, plasma, and oil stains. 

5. Effectively prevents cross-infection. 

6. Convenient folding method for easy and efficient operation, saving time and effort.

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Surgical Pack Operating Kit Sterile Surgical Pack

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