100% cotton Zinc Oxide Medical Adhesive Plaster

Material: 100% cotton

Glue: Zinc Oxide Glue (Wound healing promotion)

Width: 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 5.0cm, 7.5cm, 10.0cm

Length: 1.0m, 5.0m or as customized

Catalog Number: WEZP-PC

100% cotton Zinc Oxide Medical Adhesive Plaster

The benefits of zinc oxide tape include:

1. Skin protection: Zinc oxide tape forms a protective barrier on injured or irritated skin, preventing bacterial infection and further damage.

2. Wound healing promotion: Zinc oxide has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes wound healing, reducing pain, swelling, and itching, and accelerating the repair process of damaged skin.

3. Absorption of secretions: Zinc oxide tape can absorb secretions, making it particularly suitable for treating ulcers, burns, and other skin lesions.

4. Friction prevention: It is useful for protecting the skin from friction and abrasions, especially during sports, training, or prolonged standing.

Overall, zinc oxide tape has the benefits of protecting the skin, promoting healing, and relieving symptoms, making it an effective treatment tool for many skin problems.

The advantages and disadvantages of zinc oxide adhesive tape in plastic packaging and iron packaging:

ComparePlastic PackingIron Packing
AdvantagesLightweight and portableDurable
Resistant to corrosionProvides better protection against  physical damage
Easy to handle and dispenseOffers better stability in storage
Suitable for sterile environments Resistant to extreme temperatures
Can be transparent for easy monitoring of         woundsProvides a secure seal
DisadvantagesMay not be as environmentally friendly Heavier and less portable
Vulnerable to punctures and tearsProne to rust and corrosion
May not provide as strong adhesion as metalLimited transparency for wound monitoring

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