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Schedule for The Delivery and Loading Of Disposable Underpad

While we continue to relish in our exceedingly large clientele, working out ways to make product delivery a seamless experience for both ourselves and our clients is what we are keen about.


With over 14 years of experience and service delivery as a trusted medical disposable underpad manufacturer, we at Wellmien Health Supplies have remained steadfast in our commitment to producing various health and safety gears for our teeming clients.


This commitment in the manufacture of underpads, disposable pad, and even surgical pad of premium quality has remained on of the factors that endear a lot of clients both locally and internally to us.


To us at Wellmien Health Supplies, we believe that manufacturing the best absorbency underpad as well as non-wooven pad without an adequate arrangement for the dispatch of our products to our esteem clients all around the world will be an effort that is yet to be completed.


With regards to this, and in a bid to ensure that our high-quality medical disposable underpad are delivered to our client within the shortest time possible as well as in the best shape and quality without any form of distortion or reduction in value, we have scheduled the delivery as well as the delivery frequency for our medical disposal underpad in the following order.


1. Daily Delivery and Frequency

To ensure that our high-quality medical disposal underpad are well-packed and shipped for delivery in the most convenient form and means, we have resolved to deliver a maximum of 4 containers per day.


With this, our workers who are loading the products will have ample time to load and delivery each product in line with our client’s expectation.


2. Weekly Delivery and Frequency

With due consideration to other logistics and other conditions that may creep in within each delivery week, we are resolute to ensure that we deliver at least 17 containers of our premium quality medical disposal underpad.


Our decision to deliver 17 containers of our premium surgical pads as against the total number it should be if we are delivering at least 4 containers in a day is to create room for unforeseen events that may creep in within each week’s delivery schedule.


Also, since we are known to be a reputable and trusted medical disposable underpad manufacturer that is always committed to keeping our promise of the best service to the latter, we have decided to deliver at least a total of 17 containers every week so that we won’t be found making unrealistic promises to our loyal and highly esteemed clients.


3.  Weekly Loading Frequency

Unlike the daily and weekly schedule for the delivery of our finest medical disposable underpad, the daily loading of our product for onward delivery has been scheduled to take place at least 4 days in a week.


With this arrangement, we will ensure that our non-wooven pad will be adequately packed and arranged for delivery without defects on any part of the product, which may arise as a result of rush in the loading process.


In Need of a Reliable Medical Disposable Underpad Manufacturer?

With over 14 years of relevant experience in the manufacture of high quality absorbency pad, surgical pad, under pad and even medical disposable under pad, we at Wellmien Health Supplies are sure that we can fill the vacuum perfectly when you have a need for a professional medical disposable under pad manufacturer to work with you.


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