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The Increasing Demand For Surgical Mask Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world has caused various sectors of the global community such as the healthcare organization, business, and others to take to adopt measures to prevent its spread.


In most cases, such measures include the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes medical gloves and surgical masks and medical gloves which is to ensure your safety as well.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PPE market in the world have been transformed with a rapid increase in supply worldwide.


However, despite the urgent need to have PPE such as surgical mask for the prevention of the deadly virus, sourcing for this protective gears from a professional manufacturer is key.


Analyzing the Surgical Mask Market

There was a time surgical mask shield were used only in a medical operations.  But today, the demand has risen so greatly to an estimate of about 312% increase rate as at 2020 because of th shortage in faces mask in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.


However, there are benefits surgical mask offers to you. It gives you a total facial protection and its also comfortable. After the incipient flourishing of sale, it is anticipated that the demand will fall to about 7.6% yearly until 2024.


Analyzing the Global Medical Face Shield Market

The COVID-19 Impact Analysis Brief have made analysis on the market value of medical face shield which includes disposable and reusable shield. The report made by these analysts envelope both the manufacture and supply chain matters, historical and future tendencies, and demand by regions.


Analyzing Trends in the Disposable Masks Market

During this COVID-19 pandemic, you will agree that many including consumers and other frontline workers use face masks, making it among the most basic consumables in the world presently. According to the Freedonia Group, deals on face mask has been foretold to experience a triple increase in its digit in the market value.


In time past, mask were produced by samll to intermediate-sized companies who had little popularity (except Honeywell and 3M). Presently, a large number of companies now turned to the manufacturing of face mask which included Boeing, GM, Panasonic, Eddie Bauer, Prada, and others.


Due to this pandemic, a total estimate of 9000 and over mask companies, are now leaping their performance in China, while other countries in Asia as well as Vietnam are expected to do the same in order to live up to the high demand for face mask thereby, increasing the shortage in 2020.


Analyzing Trends in Global Disposable Respirators and Masks

As a result of this wide spread, COVID-19 Impact Analysis have been able to make available necessary information and analysis that will assist suppliers of raw materials, producers, distributor and consumers become aware of the moving market in the year 2020 and throughout many years.


Analyzing Trends in Disposable Medical Gloves Market

Aside face mask, another protective equipment experiencing a shortage is the medical gloves as a result of the pandemic. It will interest you to know that the soaring demand for this product is having a quick rise with about 12.5% growth which was envisaged for the year 2020.


Just like you, both paramedic and non-paramedic personnel use this medical gloves increasenly in order to protect themselves and you as well. Nevertheless, supplies are limited quantity as a result of product hoarding, a slowdown in production and restrictions on economic activities and trade.

It is has been considered that the marketplace demand for this product will drop with time to a level of sustainability. According to Freedonis analysts the anticipation is 5.7% yearly drop through 2024.


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