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The Inspection Standard of Disposable Aprons

Do you know how to inspect disposable aprons when they are produced. . As a professional manufacturer of disposable products, we have very strict quality control. We have our own set of standards for testing. Today we will discuss about this in detail.

1. The surface of the product should be clean, free of oily stains, no pungent odor, and no bad odor. No obvious scratches, burns, bubbles, holes, tears and other defects on the surface. The connection between the strap and the main body of the product should be firm, and there should be no automatic fall-off phenomenon.

2. The overall length and width of the product should be within the nominal value ± 2cm, and the length of the product strap should be within the nominal value ± 1cm. Special specifications and customized products shall be implemented as agreed in the contract between the two parties.

3. Sanitary indicators should meet the requirements of GB15979.

4. Spread the product flat on the inspection table to make the product in its natural state. Use a steel tape measure or steel ruler with an accuracy of 1mm to measure the overall length and width of the product, and then measure the length of the bag.

5. Sanitary indicators shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations of GB15979.

6. Each batch of products must be inspected by the company's quality inspection department in accordance with the standard. After the inspection is qualified and the product quality inspection certificate is issued, it can be delivered. The product quality inspection certificate shall include: the name of the producer, address, product name, type, implementation standard number, batch number or production date, etc.

7. Each sampling should be no less than 2‰ of the batch of samples. When the batch of samples is less than 100 pieces (the smallest form of packaging), the sampling number is not less than 10 pieces (the smallest form of packaging).

8. When all the inspection results are qualified, it is judged as qualified. If the sanitary index fails to pass the inspection, the batch of products shall be judged as unqualified and shall not be re-inspected. If other indicators are unqualified, double sampling for re-inspection. If the re-inspection is still unqualified, the batch of products will be determined as unqualified.

9. Product packaging should have the following signs: product name, quantity, production date, manufacturer name and address, implementation standard number, product validity period.

10. Packaging The product is packaged in non-toxic, harmless, and clean packaging, which should be able to ensure that it is not damaged or contaminated by foreign objects during transportation and storage.

11. During transportation, avoid sunlight, rain, mixed transportation with toxic and hazardous substances, and prevent heavy pressure, side pressure, falling, and collision with hard objects.

12. It should be stored in a warehouse that is ventilated, cool, dry, free from chemicals and harmful and toxic substances. The storage period shall not exceed 5 years from the date of production.


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You can clearly see from the above process that our company strictly controls the entire testing process to ensure that the products produced meet national standards.

As a professional manufacturer of disposable products, we are confident about our products and their quality. Besides of disposable aprons, we also produce disposable PPE, including face mask, isolation gowns, gloves, disposable caps, shoe covers and so on. If you have any need for all above products, please do not hesitate to contact us.