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The Inspection Standard of Shoe Cover

We already know the functions of shoe covers, which we have discussed before. As a manufacturer of shoe covers, we have very strict quality control. We have our own set of standards for shoe cover testing. Today we will discuss about this in details.

1. Material requirements: According to the contract signed by both parties.

2. The surface of the product should be clean, free of oily stains, no pungent odors, and no bad odors. The surface has no obvious defects such as scratches, burns, bubbles, holes, tears, etc., and the product joints should be moderately tight and firm.

3. The overall length and width of the product should be within ±1cm of the nominal value. Special specifications and customized products shall be implemented as agreed in the contract between both parties.

4. Each batch of products should be inspected before leaving the factory. Only after passing the inspection can they leave the factory; the inspection items of the factory include sensory requirements, dimensional deviation, tensile strength, and elongation at break.

5. A total of not less than 50 samples shall be randomly selected from each batch of products for inspection.

All the inspection items are qualified, the batch of products are all qualified. If one of the items is unqualified, double samples shall be taken from the original batch, and the unqualified items shall be re-inspected. If all the re-inspection results are qualified, the batch of products shall be qualified. Sanitation indicators are not allowed to be re-inspected.

6. The outer packaging of the product should have the following signs: product name, specification, factory name and address, production date, shelf life, internal quantity, product standard number, etc.

7. Outer packaging: use carton packaging, and seal the box with transparent adhesive paper. Each box must be packed firmly and securely.

8. Inner packaging: use plastic bag or carton packaging. The plastic bag is sealed by high-temperature heat pressure, and the carton is sealed by transparent glue.

9. The product should be loaded and unloaded lightly during transportation. It can be inverted but should be rain-proof and moisture-proof to avoid heavy squeezing and collision.

10. The product is stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse. The product should be stacked at least 10 cm away from the ground and 50 cm away from the wall. First in, first out is appropriate.

11. The product must not come into contact with organic solvents and toxic gases.

12. If the above storage conditions are met, the product's shelf life is five years.


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