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The Most Commonly Used Types Of Disposable PPE

Articles of equipment or clothing worn for the purpose of protection are known as disposable PPE. They keep safe the user and the person who the treatment is being administered to.

The user of PPE (personal Protective Equipment) is kept safe from chemicals and substance which are harmful.

In addition, the users clothes and uniforms is safely protected from whatever may cause damage or stain to them.

Diseases and infection are kept away from the receiver of treatment by these items, thereby, protecting the person.



While activities are carried out in a kitchen environment, food can be dragged by the arms or sleeve cuffs which can lead to a contamination and hygiene problem.

If in a care home, a chemical comes in contact with the uniform or clothing, it is like to cause a damage or even discolour it – even more, if the chemical is a harmful one going on to make contact with the skin, an allergy reaction could occur.

 Disposable sleeves are worn on top of the uniform or clothing, and keeping it in place by using elasticated cuffs at the elbow and wrist in order to end sleeve trailing, and also making it comfortable for the user or wearer.

They have a wide range of colours you can select from according to the environmental demand.

Also, their design comes in such a way that a size is fitting for all.



There are more than one uses of disposable gloves;

Their usage can be during patients treatment in a care home or when you prepare or cook food in a kitchen, and also during clean-up.

Another use is to prevent the circulation of harmful bacteria between various items of food.

Also, preventing the circulation of infection

And it used for treating open wounds of patients, or even keep hands safe against harmful chemicals.

Your choice of glove should appropriately correspond with your need. The basis of your selection could change from the need of comfort to requiring protection against chemicals.

In selecting a disposable glove, you should consider a few factors which includes the fit, the degree of protection and the contingency of the wearer having an allergy reaction.



It is essential to use disposable aprons in medical or care environment because they reduce infection spread, at the same time giving protection to clothing and sensitive skins from splashes or spills of chemical or fluids from patients' body.

In the kitchen environment, they offer protection to the clothes by preventing spill on the clothes, so also, for food having high bacteria levels.

For the purpose of sustaining hygiene it is crucial to put on body protection items.

We provide disposable aprons that can be easily thrown away without having the risk of harmful bacteria spread or chemical residue.


Hair Nets / Beard Caps

An assurance of a good total hygiene standard are hair nets and beard protection products.

In respect to a kitchen, food contaminated by hair could be a disaster on the reputation of that establishment.

For a hospital or care environment, having hair in an open wound could be the reason for a serious infection.

Covering of hair is relevant – particularly, long hair having the tendency to fall out.

Hair nets as well give protection to the wearer – they ensure your hands are are away from your hair, particularly if your hands have come in contact with a chemical or something enveloped in bacterias.



Overshoes stops the transference of germs from one point to the other by making a barrier between the ground and the sole of the shoe

The making of overshoes by Nexon Groups are from high quality cast polyethylene material which gives a good fitting, more grip, and having elasticated tops.

When PPE is used once, it should be properly  discarded as following the instruction on the item.


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