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Tips About The Proper Disposal Of Mask

Knowing that the world has been left in the encompassing fear of Corona Virus, face mask has also risen to a point of essentiality in handling the pandemic. However, the insufficiency of these mask has risen as well, so it is important to ways in which the mask should be used.


By this, we will see the best and proper way of using, reusing, disinfecting and disposing this essential product. However, surgical mask should be properly inspected before you make purchase. Hence, purchasing from a reputable manufaturer is very essential and cannot e overemphasized.


Note that; using face mask is not the most important but the appropriate way of using it is as well important.


You must also understand that giving your hands proper hygiene by washing with soap and water for a minimum of 20min or disinfecting with alcohol-based sanitizers is of great importance.


In addition, regularly disinfect surfaces that are often touched.


As possible as you can, do well to keep yourself from touching your mouth, eyes, face and nose. Get rid of used tissues instantly by putting them into the waste bin. You should always sterilize your surface with alcohol.


Do ensure that your face mask is tightly fitted around your nose and not hanging loosely around your neck so that the purpose of the mask is achieved. Your mask must totally cover your mouth and nose.


Be cautioned not to ever touch the front surface of the mask as that portion is the contaminated part. Usually the mask used are N95 respirator, cloth masks, 3 layered surgical masks. We closely look at each one of these mask!

What's the manner in disposing used mask?

(Keep in mind to handle mask as medical waste)

Variety of germs are able to survive on used mask at diverse periods of time. According experts, vriuses when kept without cover are able to stay alive for a period of few days and hours.


I sincerely ask you to be cautioned when discarding your face mask, not  to discard them in places such as workplace, homes, open waste bin, lifts, park. This is because, it can become a problem for people who may make contact with it.


In addition, some persons pick up these mask for the purpose of using them again which is very dangerous to their health. There are respiratory secretion on used mask which can be spread out and transmitted by air. Therefore, it will have you to be sensitive. Ensure to wash your hands always, before and after pulling off your mask.


Cloth mask (Wash) 

Is meant to be washed often and appropriately, leaving it hanged to get dried by air.


Surgical mask (Fold, tie, wrap) 

Removing it should be chin upwards while using the strings to take off the mask from your face. As you take off the mask from face, be attentive not to touch the front part of the mask. After you must have taken off the mask from the face, fold it halfway inside, so as to prevent the exposure of any droplet from the mouth and nose.


Next, the mask should be folded into another half such that it looks like a roll. You may as well wrap the mask with its ear loops to prevent it from unraveling.


After this, the mask should be wrapped in a polythene bag or tissue paper and should instantly be disposed in the yellow waste bag. You are to keep it with you until you are able to dispose it.


N95 respirator 

If you want to remove this mask, holding the edge of the straps joined to the mask. Avoid touch the inward portion of the mask. Take note to wash your hands behind and after using it. Be gentle in taking off the mask to avoid the contaminant circulating on the mask.


Next, you put the mask into a zip-lock bag or plastic bag. In between your periods of use, you can store it in breathable container like paper bag. Ensure the bag is tightly sealed. Afterwards, dispose the plastic bag in a biomedical waste disposal unit or garbage can. On no occasion should you wear a new face mask without having your hands washed appropriately.


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