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Tips On How To Wear Disposable Gloves The Right Way

Disposable gloves happen to be one of the most used materials in different industries. Proper use of gloves is very essential because it reduces contamination, increases hygiene, and reduces the risk of infection.

It also protects the working environment from pollution and prevents users from injury and contact with a dangerous objects. The risk of tearing the gloves and canceling the benefits is high if you don’t wear the gloves properly. Read on as we take you through ways to put on gloves properly.


Key Steps To Wear Disposable Gloves Properly

The following steps will help you reduce contamination, minimize risk, and prevent contact with a dangerous object.


1. Check the Size of the Glove

The first step to take is to choose the size of the glove. How do you know your size? The right size will fit well without being too tight. Also, it should not be too loose to the point of falling off or preventing easy use.

The production of disposable gloves comes in varying sizes. Different manufacturers produce gloves of different sizes. Check the dimension guide to pick the one that is most appropriate to you.


2. Remove Rings And Jewelries

It is easy for bracelets and rings with a sharp edge to tear the gloves. When it happens, the gloves gradually tear and expose you to danger and infection. Sometimes, it might cause the glove to pull off.

To prevent it, ensure to remove the rings and bracelet if it has the possibility of tearing the gloves. Keep them in a safe and contamination-free environment before putting on the gloves.

3. Wash Your Hand

While the main aim of a glove is to protect your hand from contamination, it is essential to wear it with a clean hand. Wash your hand with clean water to minimize the possibility of spreading infection.

Peradventure water is not available, wipe the hand with a clean dry cloth or sanitizer to ensure it is bacteria-free. Ensure that the hands are dry before putting them in the gloves.


4. Begin with Dominant Hand

Tear the rips carefully and pick a pair for your use. To get it well, start with the dominant hand. It will help you to use the non-dominant hand to navigate through the process.

Ensure that you are the only one that touches the inside of the disposable gloves to minimize contamination. You can only adjust the glove once you put on one on the other hand.


5. Proper Adjustment

After putting on the gloves, it is essential to carefully adjust them to fit around your fingers as well as cover the hand very well. Make sure that you do not drag the glove too much.

The tips of the gloves may tear if your nails are long and sharp. Let the adjustment be appropriate and easy to work without any obstruction.


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