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Use Effect of Surgical Cap

The effect of the surgical cap: Because the non-woven fabric is dense, dustproof, antibacterial, and vomit and blood are not easy to penetrate.

Application: Surgical caps are mainly used in hospital operating rooms, cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, factory laboratories and other specific places; at the same time, they are also frequently used in patients. Some eye, nose, mouth, ear, maxillofacial and neck operations will be used for surgery. The cap is worn on the patient's head, can cover all the patient's hair and fix it firmly, fully reveal the surgical field of vision, and can effectively prevent the hair from reaching the surgical site to contaminate the incision and affect the surgical operation.


Matters needing attention when using surgical cap:

1. The operating room shall have a special person to manage the disposable medical supplies; special person shall receive it. When receiving disposable products, the quality should be checked, and the product should be strictly inspected for sanitation license, inspection certificate, production date, product identification and disinfection validity period, etc.; unqualified products are never allowed to be used in clinical use.

2. The disposable surgical supplies returned should be placed in a dry, clean, well-lit warehouse, and placed neatly according to the category of the supplies. And regularly check whether the disinfection and sterilization of disposable items are invalid. Any invalid items can not be reused. High-value disposable items should be locked and stored, and a dedicated person is responsible for distributing them to avoid loss.

3. Replenish and receive supplies at any time according to the amount of surgery to ensure the use of surgery. The supplies returned each time should not be large enough to avoid overstocking and causing the failure of the supplies, thereby causing unnecessary losses. When using them, they should be used according to the order of the disinfection validity period.

4. It is necessary to clarify the purpose and method of use of each disposable surgical product. Before use, check the packaging of the product for damage and leakage and the disinfection validity period has expired. If the above-mentioned problems are found, stop using it immediately.


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