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Wellmien Isolation Gowns Goes Through AAMI Level 4 Test

When it comes to the design and manufacture of various medical props and kit, quality is a watch that can never be compromised for anything else.


The reason why this is so isn’t far-fetched. Medical equipment and other products such as the isolation gowns are expected to be produced with absolute attention to the acceptable quality standard in order to ensure that they protect workers who may be using them.


For this reason, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) have taken up the responsibility of ensuring that various medical equipment from different manufacturers are subjected to a certain level of test that matches the use of the product.


It is in light of this that our high risk isolation gown was subjected to AAMI level 4 test to ensure that the level of protected which we claim that our isolation gown can provide is actually true.


Well, one thing that is worth noting is the fact that to get the best and a high-quality isolation gown, it is best to purchase such from a reputable manufacturer with proven years of experience.


That being said, let’s quickly see some important information about the AAMI level 4 test in which our high risk isolation gown was subjected to.


Description of our Level 4 Isolation gown

Below are the unique manufacturing features that makes our level 4 isolation gown to stand out.

1. The level 4 isolation gown is designed for use in situations or environment with HIGH risk.

2. It can prevent the passage of all types of fluid for 60 minutes

3. It also has the capacity to prevent the penetration of VIRUSES for about 60 minutes

4. Besides other test which were carried out in level 1-3, the performance of its barrier level was also test using a simulated blood sample which contains viral particles. In this test, if no viral particle was found after the test, it then means that the gown has passed.


AAMI Test Standards

In order to ensure that there is a fair and acceptable guidelines for the approval of an isolation gown, the AAMI have set the following standards to serve as a yardstick for the test of medical props.

1. Water Resistance-Hydrostatic Pressure Test AATCC127-2018

2. Resistance to Bacteriophage Phi-X174-ASTMF1671

3. Water Resistance-Impact Penetration Test AATCC42-2017


AAMI Test Requirement

Before an isolation gown can be passed to be good and effective for its intended use, below are some requirements in which the AAMI test looks out for;

1. All critical zone A and B: Impact Penetration Test AATCC42≤1.0g

2. All critical zone A and B: Hydrostatic Pressure Test AATCC127≥100cm H2O.

3. Bacteriophage Phi-X174-ASTMF1671: PASS


Applicability of our Level 4 isolation gown
Our level 4 isolation gown which is designed for places and situation with a high risk level is designed also for the following applications;

1. Pathogen resistance

2. Non-airborne infectious diseases

3. Exposure to a large volume of fluid for a long time.

Final Verdict

Wellmien's current isolation gowns have all passed the AAMI 1, 2, 3, 4 level test, consumers can rest assured to buy.


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