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Wellmien Isolation Gowns Put Through AAMI Level 1 Test

Whether it is the novel coronavirus or SARS, the role that medical protective clothes play in preventing the spread of any virus cannot be underestimated. 


Medical protective clothing can also be referred to as anti-virus suits, disposable coveralls, or medical protective suits. Isolation gowns are a special type of medical protective clothing. 


They are used by medical professionals like doctors, nurses, surgeons, cleaners, and public health workers for protection against viral infection.


Generally, they always possess a good moisture barrier and permeability, resisting the penetration of body fluid, blood, alcohol, bacterial virus, and airborne dust particles.


They are very instrumental in protecting medical personnel, preventing the spread of germs and viruses, and maintaining a clean environment,


As technology improves, the quality of these medical protective clothing improves also. This is why it is highly essential to purchase them from the most reliable manufacturers. 


All types of medical protective clothing are required by WHO to be able to block the passage of microorganisms and solid particles and liquids, to withstand disinfection, be wear-resistant and durable.


They are also expected to be puncture-resistant, anti-fibre deformation with no toxic ingredients, no velvet, and well cost-effective. They are also to be comfortable and safe enough to effectively comply with standards and rules. 


Further details about Isolation gowns

Isolation gowns serve as additional protection in medical practices. They are made of water-repellent polypropylene material.


Polypropylene fabric can undergo anti-static and antibacterial treatment. Their fabric is non-woven and breathable and they come with elastic cuffs and adjustable neck ties and waists. 


Asides from medical professionals, isolation gowns can be worn by the relatives of sick persons to protect them from their sick relatives.


They are usually double-sided to prevent the contamination of both the medical personnel and the sick patient. 

Our Wellmien gowns come in various levels. Below are further details about Level 1 gowns. 


Wellmien Gowns AAMI Level 1 Test

1. This test looks at the ability of an isolation to serve as a potent barrier against liquid borne pathogens as well as liquid with regards to four levels of test.

2. In these levels, the critical protective zone is designed to test both non-surgical as well as the surgical gowns, and these levels are marked different based on the laid down standard.

3. On the other hand, the critical zone, which is usually made up of both the red front B and A is used as protective areas that differentiates one gown from the other. However, one similarity between these levels is the fact that the protection levels for both are the same for either the surgical or non-surgical gowns.

4. Finally, the rear side of the surgical gown, which is often designated as area D can in most cases not be protective.


Level 1 test:


1. Used basically for handing MINIMAL risk events

2. It provides just a little barrier against a little amount of fluid to pass through.

3. One test to check the impact of water on the surface of the isolation gown is usually carried out to test the level of protection it can offer.


Test Standard:

Water Resistance-Impact Penetration Test AATCC42-2017


Test Requirement:

All critical zone A and B

Impact Penetration Test AATCC42≤4.5g



Basic and essential care, standard hospital and healthcare medical unit


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