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Wellmien Receives Praise from African Customer

Since its establishment, Wellmien has always been adhering to a philosophy: details, service and quality determine success. Because of this, our customers are moved by our attentive service, high-quality products and product details. While gaining new customers, we can also gain the trust of old customers.



Some time ago, I received an inquiry form from an African apron customer. In the course of this transaction, I think the following three points are the most important, and we also need to do every transaction in the later period.




R.m.gikonyo trading Co., Ltd is one of African hospital supplier who is from Kenya.



As client is the first to import Aprons from China, there are many questions need to be solved for R.M. and to make Wellmien to be a trustworthy and professional company.



Because of the time zone, Prompt communication at the quite early morning on the convenient and instant Whatsapp is quite important to help client get the first information what he needed.Finally, at 5 am Beijing time, the customer successfully placed the order.




1: Package Request


Apron is a plastic item. The HS code is under control of Kenya customs. That means this full container goods must be inspected by third party Intertek and got the certificate of PVOC from Intertek, otherwise the goods will be stuck in the local customs.



As client requested, inner bag and carton must be printed with customized,printing to conforms the inspection request.



2: How to apply for PVOC from Intertek


·We called the Intertek and consulted many details for client to make sure the goods and package are the client quality request.



·Aprons mass production finished, the Intertek staff came to factory to inspect, load the goods , and seal the container.



·Every pack and apron are qualified, they issued a PVOC certificate to client for local customs clearance with his own IDF number.



·Intertek inspection goods , container and seal the container




The customer does not have a freight forwarder in China. We help our customers to use our own freight forwarder to send goods in Mombasa.

 goog comments


After the goods arrived successfully, the customer sent a good comment, feedback that our apron suppliers in China are of very good quality, very satisfied with this business cooperation, and said that they will establish a long-term cooperative relationship in the future.



If you have any medical supplies or personal protective equipment needs, please contact wellmien.