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Wellmien’s New Product Release-3D Child Mask

As the future of our human beings, children need better protection. For this reason, recently our company Wellmien released a new product-3D child mask. Today we will give you a brief introduction about this new product.


3-Ply Design

Three-Layer disposable face mask: Outer color layer is a water-resistant layer, say goodbye to splashing liquid; Middle layer is a filtering layer, say bye to particles from 0.3 to 1.0 pm. The inner layer is a water-absorbing layer, which can absorb the moisture from the breath of the wearer, avoid the filtering layer from getting wet.


Soft Material

This face mask is made of high-quality cotton blend material, very soft and breathable, don't worry about any harm to your children's face. Mask is foldable and easy to carry, suitable for your kid's home school outdoors use. This face covering size is also very suitable for the kid's face size, and the cute cartoon design will let your kids love to wear it.


Adjustable Comfort

Our Face Masks perfect for everyday wear, an adjustable wire runs along the top to serve as an adjustable nose clip, Fitted еlаstic ear loops, which can be used for a vаriety of users for instаnt prоtеction. Perfect design, when you wear it, it fits seamlessly into your face. An elastic ear loop is easy to wear and has no pressure on the ears.


Wide Application

This Mask deal to protect your own supplies outdoors can be used in shopping, horse riding, hiking, fishing, skiing, going to school, various holiday parties and celebrations, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other Birthday festivals, allowing your children to enjoy Enjoy the festive carnival.


I believe that through the above introduction, you already have an understanding of the characteristics of this product.


About Wellmien

Founded in 2006, Wellmien has grown to a company specializing in disposable medical supplies and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), integrating with design, manufacture and sales capacity. Our sales headquarter is in Suzhou, Jiangsu and manufacturing plants cover a total area of 8,000m2 including 1,500m2 of clean room.

Wellmien provides globally medical care and food processing facilities with products including surgical masks, gowns, coveralls, aprons, bouffant caps, shoe covers, sleeve covers, under pads, disposable gloves, wound-care products, first-aid products and surgical packs etc. Our products are best sold to worldwide markets and widely applied to different settings such as hospitals, care centers, wholesalers, government agencies or institutes, food industries and households, etc. With excellent OEM services, our annual sales exceed 20 million USD.

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