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Wellmien’s New Product Release-KF94 Mask

Recently our company Wellmien released another new product-KF94 Mask. Today we will give you a brief introduction about this new product.


Nice shape – personality pattern, show your style!

This face mask is meant to form your face smaller. The unique design allows you to wear it without feeling oppressive.180 °and Air Permeability Can protect the whole face-shaped structure, installation and operation is extremely simple and convenient. Functional nose support design to stop fogging and isolate external air.


Keep beautiful- once you put it on, your delicate make-up won't be damaged.

It's supported sort of a bracket, in order that you'll always maintain an honest image. Fashion design cause you to more cute,i am sure you and your friends family will love it . for long-term wearing and cozy skin.Hope you and your family health and safe.


Great safety- 4-Layer Protection with top quality filter

Advanced electret filters employing a quadruple filtration system blocks up to very small particles. (Nano-Level Filter Thread Our product uses Nano-Level Thread for straightforward breathing and better protection from fine dust).


Comfortable ergonomic design – Trifolding Stereoscopic Design

Our mask covers not only the systema respiratorium but also The mandible and maintains cleanliness as foundation, lipstick, etc are less smeared to the mask.



Anti-trouble skin and straightforward breathing made with eco-friendly fabric for anti-trouble skin and structured to allow you to breathe easier and straightforward with. This product is ideal for running, cycling, hiking or other outdoor activities. It is also suitable for daily use.


For more information about this KF94 mask supply, please visit our website or contact us immediately. As professional mask supplier, we are happy to help you.