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What Are Disposable Caps?

If you have seen the series scrubs then you must have noticed how these Disposable caps were an essential accessory to the hospital workers. The importance of disposable caps cannot be overemphasized as it is used everyday in the medical field.


They are usually made from a non-woven material. They help to keep the operating room, theatre and hospital maintain a sterile environment.


The caps prevent hair and sweat from falling from users' heads during an operation. It also helps prevent other forms of contamination. Although there is the option of reusable textile, (most times cotton) surgical caps. The Disposable cap is a better option.


This is because it not only saves you the stress and time of laundering but also ensures an  optimum sterile environment as caps are disposed properly immediately after use.


They can be worn by both men and women and are not only used in the medical industry but are also popular in the food industry. They are an everyday necessity in these industries. Most caps come as one size fits all but to get it’s maximum potential, it’s best to get one that fits your head. Wearing your  disposable cap properly and wearing the right size provides the optimum protection.


They are different types of disposable caps with the non-woven round caps being the most common. The other types include bar caps and plastic round caps.


The most commonly used in the hospital is the disposable strip cap. Knowing how to properly wear your cap isn’t a hard task at all. Here’s what you need to know.


● Ensure that you buy a cap that is your actual size and fit. Be sure it covers the whole of your hair and hairline.


● Secure the cap with a band, an elastic one preferably. Place the band on the brim of the cap to prevent hair fall.


● If you have really long hair, braid it or put it  in a ponytail and make sure it is secured properly inside the cap.


● Place the two ends of the closure of the cap on both sides of the ears and firmly on the forehead


Benefits of using a disposable cap.

The disposable cap can be said to be very beneficial to the wearer and those whom the wearer is rendering their services to. Other benefits include:


● No need for laundering

Since they are disposable, all you need to do is toss them in the bin without worrying about washing them.


● They are light-weight

They are lightweight and easy to wear , they are also breathable and allow users hair to breathe. When purchasing your disposable caps be sure to look out for the following things.


● Size

Make sure you buy your actual size. Not smaller or bigger but your actual fit.


● Tamper

Do not purchase the cap if there is any visible sign of tampering. Most importantly, do not reuse  disposable caps or try washing them. They are meant for single use after which they should be discarded.


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