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What Is An Emergency Blanket?

First aid blankets are used to prevent the loss of body heat caused by heat radiation, moisture evaporation and convection. It is an important tool for survival in unfavorable environments. Also called polyester film blanket, emergency blanket, space blanket, safety blanket, warm blanket, weather blanket, thermal film or shock-absorbing blanket.

The material is mainly divided into two kinds, PET and PE;

PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the regular colors are double-sided silver, gold and silver, a small amount of camouflage green, etc.

PE (polyethylene) commonly used colors are orange, a small amount of olive green, etc.

Made of durable insulating double-sided polyester film material designed by NASA, and plated with aluminum foil to improve thermal efficiency, it can reflect up to 90% of body heat, helping to prevent hypothermia and hypothermia in severe weather such as cold and humidity.

It can be used with emergency shelters, emergency sleeping bags, and emergency survival supplies to provide you with extra safety.

It can also be used as a backpack cover, emergency rain poncho, emergency tent, emergency signal, lampshade, dust cover, sleeping bag lining, wind protector, water collector and other creative applications.

Independently sealed packaging, waterproof, windproof and moisture-proof, light, compact and portable, it is a must for camping, off-road, marathon, tactical equipment, earthquake survival kit, family emergency and car emergency kit.

#1: Use them to stay warm and preserve body heat.

First things first, the most basic use of an emergency blanket is–as you may guess–as a blanket. When facing the elements such as wind, rain, and snow, you’ll want to have something durable and insulating to maintain your body heat and stay strong and focused in the long run. Not only can it keep your body warm, it can also be used to insulate the inside of shelters for additional heat.

#2: Use them to construct a shelter.

Of course an emergency blanket won’t do for a long-term shelter, but it can prove to be extremely useful in the short term. Using your emergency blanket, paracord, safety pins, and duct tape, you can easily construct a tent-like shelter to protect yourself from the elements if you find yourself stranded outside. Use the duct tape to reinforce the edges, and attach the corners to rope tied to the base of trees or other stabilized structures.

#3: Use them to cook food. 

Whether you’re stranded at home during a power outage or lost in the wilderness on a camping trip, a solar cooker is always a major asset. Fortunately, many emergency blankets have the ability to reflect light–a necessary property when using a solar cooker. Line the inside of a solar cooker box with an emergency blanket, and you’ll have a lot easier job igniting the cooker.

#4: Use them as a flotation device.

If you need to cross a river or evacuate during a flood, having a flotation device will help you make the transit. However, we don’t always have a traditional flotation device at our disposal. An emergency blanket can be turned into an improvised flotation device–simply tie off the ends to create air space. Apply some duct tape to create an air bubble.

#5: Use them for trades and barters.

Multiuse items will be in high demand during disaster scenarios. Many people in your area may be ill-equipped, and you can trade them emergency blankets for food and other essential items you may be lacking or run low on.

#6: Use them to signal for help.

Putting the blanket on the ground and folding it in different shapes and patterns to communicate a message. As I’ve mentioned, emergency blankets are reflective. When you’re needing to signal for help from a long distance, reflectivity is key in catching potential rescuers’ attention. You can signal for help by either

#7: Use them to grow food.

Growing your own food sources at home is a no-brainer for those in the preparedness community. Emergency blankets are useful in this regard as they can be used in grow rooms to reflect light and encourage plant growth. This is especially useful during the winter, when it’s generally colder and darker.

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