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What is CPE Gown

Do yo know what is CPE Gown? Today we will discuss about this from following several aspects.

What is a CPE gown?

CPE Gowns, also known as disposable gowns, are an isolation gown made up of CPE fabric (chlorinated polyethylene). The chlorinated polyethylene is a material that These gowns are widely used as a protection against infections.

Material of CPE gowns

Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is a saturated polymer material, non-toxic and odorless, with excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and aging resistance, as well as good oil resistance, flame retardancy and coloring properties. Good toughness (flexibility at -30°C), and good compatibility with other polymer materials.

Production process

CPE raw materials are blown film first, and an appropriate amount of antistatic agent is added during the film blowing process, and then stamped and formed by a specific mold at one time.


Reverse dress, tie back, long sleeves with thumb buttons or knitted cuffs. The overall shape is a long-distance running dovetail version or a straight version.

Focus on the front part of the protection, which can reach 50cm water column waterproof level, and the back can be breathable.


Meet the requirements of AAMI L3 gown in the United States, penetration ≤1.0g, resistance to hydrostatic pressure (hydrophobic penetration) ≥50cmH2O.


Non-toxic, flame-retardant, soft, anti-static, good toughness, waterproof, dustproof, antifouling, light and thin, no-washing, sanitary.


Patient treatment, epidemic prevention and inspection in public places; disinfection in virus-contaminated areas.

Types of CPE gowns

Standard Thumb Loop CPE Gowns fluid-resistant.

Disposable CPE plastic gowns with thumb hook waterproof blood proof isolation apron.

Isolation waterproof impervious thumb secure chemical gown.

Disposable CPE surgical protective medical operation gown.

Disposable personal waterproof protection CPE Isolation Gown.

Waterproof apron with thumb loop.

Disposable Medical CPE Gown.

Thumb loop disposable CPE plastic surgical isolation gown.

Disposable FDA medical hospital surgical CPE gown.

Disposable civil usage dustproof, waterproof CPE gown.

The applications of CPE gowns

1. Isolation

CPE gowns have been used in virus isolation centers. This has been applied to prevent the spread of the viruses between patients and doctors or anyone who interacts with them.

2. As a waterproof apron

This is mainly in restaurant kitchens. The gown is waterproof. For this reason, any spillage in the kitchen prevents the water from spilling on the cooks or those involved.

3. Hospitals

In hospitals, the gowns are used as protection between the doctor and the patient this is to say, a Medical Operation Gown. Accidents in the operation room are not rare, and some are fatal that massive blood spillage is involved. These gowns are blood repellent which makes them efficient.

The gown also acts as a way of preventing infections and maintaining sanitation since it’s a hospital. The CPE gowns are used to avoid any spread of bacteria and viruses from doctors to patients and vice versa.

4. Pharmaceuticals

Since these gowns prevent the spread of viruses, their application in pharmaceuticals is efficient to avoid contact spread of germs and bacteria. For a pharmacist, they wouldn’t appreciate a patient visiting them only to leave them with the task of finding themselves a doctor. The gowns also help them maintain proper sanitation in the working area.

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