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What Is Surgical Tape

Definition of medical tape

Medical tape is a common tape in hospitals, and is often used to fix needles, fix wounds, and fix drugs.

It has a high status in the field of medical glue, and is widely used in some general surgery, laparoscopy, neurology, cardiothoracic, obstetrics, urology, orthopedics, etc. with good results.

At the same time, tape can also be used to treat wounds in life, effectively controlling the expansion of wounds. Because the tape does not come off easily, it is strong and non-allergenic. It is considered a very common medical tool.


Types of medical tapes

Medical tapes are divided into different types due to different materials, such as:

1. Medical tape cotton cloth type (commonly known as zinc oxide plaster)

Cloth: Cotton (white and skin tones)

※Glue: hot melt adhesive, zinc oxide hot melt adhesive (containing 12% zinc oxide), natural zinc oxide adhesive

※Corresponding rubber surface weight: 85-90g; 90g and 120g; 115g;

※Package: paperbackplastic listeningtinplate

※Market: Hot melt adhesive is suitable for all markets, natural zinc oxide glue is not used in Europe (except Italy and Russia), and other regions are applicable


2. Breathable medical tape (non-woven tape)

Cloth base: domestic non-woven release paper and imported non-woven

※Color: White and skin tone

※Glue: transparent hot melt adhesive

※Corresponding rubber surface weight: 35g/㎡(±2%)

※Packing: can be customized

※Market: Except for Africa, other regions are basically applicable


3. Medical tape waterproof and breathable type (PE tape)

※Cloth: Bright and matt PE film

※Color: Transparent

※Glue: Transparent hot melt glue and acrylic glue

※Corresponding rubber surface weight: 35g/㎡(±2%)

※Market: Except for Africa, other regions are basically applicable

※Features: Easy to tear horizontally and vertically


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