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What Is The Meaning Of The Different Colors Of Surgical Masks?

Surgical masks on the market are usually divided into four colors: blue, pink, white, and black. Of course, there are also green masks, but they are rare. Some people like black masks. Black masks look cool. Some people like white masks, which look clean and feel comfortable. Most doctors and nurses use blue and pink masks.


What are the meanings of the different colors of surgical masks? In fact, the type of color does not have a clear meaning, it is just customized according to the needs. Then why do doctors and nurses mostly use blue and pink masks?


Color has a certain effect on people's mood. Blue can make people relax and feel less scary. It can also relieve tension and give people a sense of peace of mind. In addition, many equipment in the hospital are blue, and blue surgical masks can also be well integrated with the operating room environment. Therefore, most surgical masks choose to wear blue masks. Pink is generally used by doctors and nurses in pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology departments, because pink can give people a warm feeling. White and black masks have a certain stimulating effect on the patient's vision, which will make the patient nervous. This is one of the reasons why blue and pink are mostly used in surgical masks.


Why are medical masks blue?

1. Medical surgical masks are composed of three layers of different structures. The outer layer is blue, which can help ordinary people distinguish the inner and outer layers of the mask. The white side faces the nose, and the blue side is outward anti-virus. Different colors allow users to distinguish between positive and negative, and to wear masks correctly. This is not only a well-known unspoken rule in the medical care industry, but also a good way for ordinary people to use it without causing mistakes to wear.


2. Most of the daily users of medical surgical masks are doctors. If a white coat and a mask are white, working for a long time may cause visual fatigue, and the blue stained with blood will not look like white. The same is so prominent, and the surface of the blue outer layer is also treated with water repellent, which is less prone to contaminants.


3. Not all medical masks are blue, but also white. Blue masks are mostly blue, because medical masks are generally in hospitals for doctors and nurses to wear. The blue color can make the patient feel relaxed and not afraid. The white one has a certain stimulating effect on the patient's vision, and makes the patient nervous. There are also medical masks of other colors on the market, such as black and pink, which are generally only worn by residents to prevent the inhalation of excessive polite particles. They are generally not used in hospitals.


Actually these masks of different colors have the same protective effect except for the different colors, and there is no specified meaning.


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