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What Is the Role of Medical Protective Mask?

The medical protective mask is made of imported PET raw materials and processed into plastic sheets, with high transparency, high acid and alkali resistance, and scratch resistance; reasonable structure, suitable for workers with various head shapes, and can directly cover myopia glasses, which is convenient for work; effectively avoid the infection caused by the blood and body fluids splashed by the virus carriers in the process of receiving medical treatment and accident treatment to medical staff; light weight, ergonomic design, built-in soft pad to reduce the pressure of the cap body on the forehead, comfortable to wear, no pressure; good anti-fog performance, the PET protective sheet can disperse fog faster than ordinary diaphragms, and a unique fog diffuser design is added to give users a clear vision at any time; firm and reliable to wear, bend over , bowing your head will not feel inconvenient; the protection area is large, the effect is good, and the protection range can reach the entire face.

Medical protective masks are professional-grade masks licensed by national medical standards. It has the following core functions.

There are still many functions of medical protective masks. Under normal circumstances, when performing some diagnosis and nursing operations, the phenomenon of splashing of patients' blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. may occur. Protective masks can be used to protect doctors or the operation of medical staff.

If you have close contact with an infectious patient transmitted by droplets, you can also use a medical protective mask to protect yourself. For example, the current epidemic of the new coronavirus is relatively serious, and front-line doctors can wear medical protective masks. Under normal circumstances, if patients with respiratory infectious diseases are subjected to some close operations such as tracheotomy and tracheal intubation, it may be some splashes of blood. Body fluids, secretions, etc. will occur, and a full-scale protective mask should be used to protect medical staff.

1. Anti-spit splash

In this epidemic, droplet transmission can be said to be the main way of transmission. Droplets can allow the virus to parasitize and infect directly between people, which also leads to the high spread of the epidemic. Medical protective masks can effectively cut off Droplets, so that the virus can not find a host and automatically die.

2. Anti-fog and high-temperature resistance

Fogging in medical care often affects use and work. The protective mask can avoid fogging, and it is resistant to high temperatures and can adapt to harsh environments.

3. Double isolation

Different from ordinary masks, medical protective masks have the characteristics of double protection, which can better isolate the virus and play a stronger protective role.

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