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What Kind of Mask Has Strong Filterability

1. Facial tightness is better.

The air of the mask with leaking gaps is directly inhaled from the gaps without passing through the filter material, which seriously reduces the protective effect. Spills can also cause glasses or goggles to fog up. Preferably the leak rate is less than 1.5%.

2. The filtration efficiency of the filter material should be high.

KN90, KN95, KN100, the higher the filtration efficiency, the higher the interception rate of particulate matter, and the lower the particle penetration rate. Gauze masks, ordinary medical masks, and medical masks all have lower requirements for particle filtration efficiency.

3. The protection effect should be high.

The protective effect is the ability of the mask to block particles, and it is a comprehensive reflection of leakage and filtration efficiency. The order is D, C, B, A, preferably A grade, greater than 90%.

4. The suction resistance should be low.

The higher the inhalation resistance, the harder it is to inhale, and the mask has to be removed after wearing it for a while, which cannot provide continuous protection. It is best if the inhalation resistance of the KN95 mask is less than 50 Pa.

5. Low exhalation resistance.

The greater the exhalation resistance, the more stuffy and uncomfortable you will feel, and you cannot wear it for a long time. It is best if the exhalation resistance of the KN95 mask is less than 50 Pa.

6. The air tightness of the exhalation valve is better.

If there is an exhalation valve, it is best that the time for the airtightness of the exhalation valve to recover from -1180 Pa to normal pressure is greater than 50 seconds. The airtightness of the exhalation valve is not good, and it cannot effectively isolate external particles, especially poisonous gas.

7. The dead space rate should be low.

The dead space rate refers to the proportion of carbon dioxide rebreathed from the previous exhalation. The lower the ratio, the less carbon dioxide inhaled from the previous exhalation, the fresher the inhaled air, and the higher the inhaled oxygen content, preferably less than 0.1 %.

8. The tension on the headband, connectors and exhalation valve cover should be large.

Only when you wear it will it be strong and the connection will be tight.

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