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What’s The Difference Between 3ply And 2ply Masks?

Masks have now become a must-have item in our lives. Today we will talk about the difference between 3ply and 2ply masks.


What is a 3 ply face mask?

A 3 ply face mask is the proper surgical or medical that is composed of three layers with each layer has very specific functions.


The outer layer is a hydrophobic layer that can repel water, blood and body fluids, the middle filter layer is designed to filter bacteria and it’s said to be the most important layer that also filters out the water droplets and lastly, an inner hydrophilic layer which can absorb water, sweat and spit.


The 3-ply surgical mask has been proven to be as effective as an N95 mask in preventing viral infections like influenza.


3 ply face mask also helps to reduce the spread of viruses, germs, and bacteria.


Its three-ply material is made up of a melt-blown material placed between the non-woven fabric. The middle layer contains a high-level static filtration to effectively block micro dust and bacteria.


What is a 2 ply face mask?

The 2 ply face mask is a hygiene face mask that is cheap and made from the same material fabric, polypropylene or another non-woven kind of material.


It doesn’t have a filter layer thus these hygiene masks are useless against haze, viruses, and bacteria.


They are commonly used in spas and restaurants.


It’s therefore right to conclude that the difference between a 2 ply and 3 ply face mask lies in their function and level of protection. The 3 ply mask is the required mask that has sufficient 3 layers that can protect one from airborne viruses.


On the other hand, the 2 ply face mask is for sanitary and hygienic purposes in a restaurant setting mainly for food handling and for a spa setting.


Depending on where you’ll use them make sure you only purchase the proper 3-layer surgical masks for protection against airborne virus and a 2-ply hygiene masks for its recommended usage.


Difference Between 3ply And 2ply Masks


The difference between a two-layer mask and a three-layer mask is: different layers, different uses, and different advantages.


1.  the number of layers is different

The two-layer mask is made of two layers of ordinary non-woven fabrics without an intermediate filter layer.

The three-layer mask is made of two layers of ordinary non-woven fabrics and a middle layer of filter meltblown.


2. different uses

Because there is no filter layer, the use of the two masks is very different

Two-layer masks are generally suitable for daily health protection environments such as smoke-free electronic assembly plants, canteens, and food processing plants.

The three-layer mask has the function of adsorbing particles and blocking viruses. It is generally suitable for electronic manufacturing, spray processing in dust-free workshops, stamping hardware, health centers, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals and other places. It helps reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria, and also has significant effects in preventing viral infections such as influenza.


3. the advantages are different

The second-layer mask is cheap, low breathing resistance, and very good ventilation.

The three-layer mask is expensive, has good ventilation and can filter viruses, dust, and pollen particles; it also has a certain waterproof effect.

Reminder: Three-layer masks can be used instead of two-layer masks, and two-layer masks cannot be used instead of three-layer masks.


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