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What’s The Difference Between Isolation Gown Levels Based On EN13795 Standard?

Due to the standards of different countries, non-woven isolation garments are divided into different grades.


According to the standards of EU countries, isolation gowns need to meet EN13795 standards.


EN 13795 is composed of three standards, mainly the standard of "patients, medical staff and instruments, surgical drapes, surgical gowns and clean clothes".


Judgment is based on EN 13795-1:2019 "Requirements and test methods for surgical gowns and surgical drapes Part 1: Surgical gowns and surgical drapes"


Its compliance requirements need to be inspected and tested in accordance with the corresponding standards for the following parts.

Test items

Judgment basis

skills requirement

Bursting strength (dry state) fabric

EN ISO 13938-1:1999


Bursting strength (wet) fabric

EN ISO 13938-1:1999


Breaking strength (dry state) fabric

EN 29073-3:1992

≥20 N

Breaking strength (wet) fabric

EN 29073-3:1992

≥20 N

Hydrostatic pressure fabric

EN ISO 811:2018

≥20cm H₂O

Cleanliness-microbial fabric

EN ISO 11737-1:2018

≤300 CFU/100c㎡

Anti-dry microbial fabric

EN ISO 22612:2005


Anti-humidity microbial fabric

EN ISO 22610:2006


Dry flocculation fabric

EN ISO 9073-10:2004



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