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Why Do Scientists and Doctors Wear Lab Coats?

In the industry, lab coats are dust-free clothes for hygiene and to make people feel clean. But clean suits are not just lab coats. Clean suits have different colors and specifications and are suitable for different anti-static or clean environments. Clean suits are used in a wide range of applications, including electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, clean workshops in bioengineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, semiconductor, precision machinery, hospitals, environmental protection and other industries. For the pharmaceutical industry, let me introduce to you what conditions the dust-free clothing in the pharmaceutical industry must meet.

Have a dust-free function

Because if the dust-free clothing is used improperly or the quality is not good, it will not only contaminate the medicine to the operator, but also cause the dander on the operator's body to leak into the medicine, affecting the quality of the medicine.

Have anti-static function

 With the development of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, anti-static dust-free clothing plays an increasingly important role, and the pharmaceutical industry has higher and higher requirements for anti-static dust-free clothing.

Cleanroom clothing fabrics for the pharmaceutical industry

5mm strip type, 5mm grid, 2.5mm grid fabric conductive silk, the anti-city dust and anti-static effect is getting stronger and stronger in order. This is also selected according to the clean room level, generally CLASS10000 (10,000-level area). The following clean rooms should use 5mm strip-type conductive silk, CLASS1000 (1000-level area) and 5mm grids; CLASS100 (100-level area) clean rooms should use 2.5mm mesh fabric conductive silk.

Combining the above requirements, the pharmaceutical industry will have much higher requirements for dust-free clothing, whether the medicine can be pure and free of impurities, and whether the quality test can pass the test. More than just a piece of clothing, clean clothes represent a safe, sterile and healthy image.

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