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Wishing Our Customers And Workers A Blissful Christmas

It is the end of the year already and we are glad the our company is still up and running despite all odd. The year has being filled with distress and unrest for us at Wellmien (Suzhou) Imp. & Exp Trading Co., Ltd., and in the industry at large.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry experienced many happenings like the increase in price of raw materials as well as shortage in supply of the product. Though the industry experienced a boost in market, demands of customers were not meet appropriately.


Lack of companies in this industry was part of the reasons for the shortage in supply of surgical face mask. On this note, companies were opened for this purpose while others included it on their list of productions.


Great joy floods our hearts as we celebrate this Christmas season. This is because, we were able to save lives with the numbers of surgical face mask we produced., and this we are grateful for.


Our product affected the live of medical practitioners across the world as they made use of it daily. The product helped in curtailing the spread of the virus. Hence, medical practitioners as well as patients were safe.


Therefore, we can't round up this year without saying a big "thank you" to our global teeming customers, who supported human life by purchasing this product for medical practitioners like doctors, respiratory therapist and others.

 Merry Christmas

We couldn't spare our excitement and gratitude to our customers in this season. So, we got some packages as a gift for all our faithful customers who have always purchased our product.


Not forgetting our own! We had to celebrate our workers who had worked tirelessly throughout the year to meet the rising demand of our customers. Though it was difficult, yet, they prevailed.


Our amazing team of workers took the company to a greater level with the quality product they manufactured. The company gave gifts of different kinds in appreciation to our workers. Heads of departments were well appreciated and the best team of the year received an award. It's been an awesome year with our customers and workers together in this fight, and we all prevailed.


Therefore we say a big "thank you" to all our global teeming customers and workers for their immense input this year. We promise to remain faithful to our call by providing you with scientifically proven high-quality surgical face mask. We are still open for sales.


With the Joy of the Christmas and the excitement of the celebration, we at Wellmien (Suzhou) Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., you and your loved ones a blissful Christmas celebration and a prosperous 2021.


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